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SOOSoo Line Railroad
SOOSummary of Observations (various organizations)
SOOSpecial Olympics Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
SOOSchool of Optics (University of Central Florida)
SOOStrategic Operational Objectives
SOOSmall Office Oriented
SOOStatement Of Objectives
SOOStaff Operations Officer
SOOSite of Origin
SOOScience and Operations Officer
SOOService Oriented Organization
SOOScheme of Obstacle Overlay
SOOSons of Odin
SOOSon of Osiris (gaming)
SOOShip of Opportunity
SOOSpecial Operations Officer
SOOSequence of Operation
SOOSafety of Operations
SOOSupport Operations Officer (US Army)
SOOSpace Operations Officer
SOOSociété Orthopédique de l'Ouest
SOOStanding Operating Order
SOOSupply Operations Officer
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Composition of a typical space team Position Rank Space Coordination Element Senior Space Operations Planner O-5 Space Operations Planner O-4 Space Support Team Space Team Leader O-4 Operations Officer O-3 Counterspace Operations Planner O-3 or E-6 Space Operations Planner O-3 or E-6 Intelligence Analyst E-6 Information Systems Operator E-5 Space Support Element Senior Space Operations Officer O-4 Space Operations Officer O-3
The first formal FA40 Space Operations Officer Qualification Course was in 2001.
The SSE is made up of three space operations officers and one NCO.
When the space operations officers first showed up, I had no idea what they would do.
First, the USAF Weapons School now graduates tactically and operationally capable space operations officers, intended specifically for JAOC, NAF, and major command (MAJCOM) duty.
The US Army has a better model, typically drawing its space operations officers from a pool of captains with seven to 10 years' experience in a primary branch.
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