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For example, space-based lasers require significant amounts of chemicals, while space-based kinetic energy weapons need substantial amounts of propellent and accurate guidance systems.
60) Additionally, most potential countermeasures to and limitations of airborne lasers also apply to space-based laser systems.
We must demand that the politicians rescind plans for "missile defense" and the space-based laser.
Tests of a space-based laser are not scheduled in the next 10 years.
The previous year, the Pentagon signed a contract for construction of a Space-Based Laser Readiness Demonstrator.
And the United States has signed a multimillion dollar contract with TRW and Boeing to build a Space-Based Laser Readiness Demonstrator.
Ground-based radar systems usually operate at ranges below 10 miles, while space-based laser systems may operate at ranges of thousands of miles without degradation.
for his computer simulation of a space-based laser ballistic missile defense; fifth-place winner Brian D.
However, 007 learns his nemesis, Ernst Blofeld, is using the gems to construct a space-based laser weapon, with which he plans to hold the world to ransom.
OCSD differs from other space-based laser communication systems because the laser is hard-mounted to the spacecraft body, and the orientation of the CubeSat controls the direction of the beam.
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