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SBRSportsbook Review (website)
SBRStyrene Butadiene Rubber
SBRSequencing Batch Reactor
SBRStandard Business Reporting
SBRSweet Baby Ray's (Chicago, IL)
SBRSeat Belt Reminder (sensor)
SBRSpectral Band Replication (Coding Technologies)
SBRStorage Business Review
SBRServer Based Rendering
SBRSmall Business Reserve
SBRSpectral Bandwidth Replication
SBRSmart Brabus Race
SBRSource Browser
SBRSkill Based Routing
SBRSteel Belted Radius
SBRStatement of Budgetary Resources (US DoD)
SBRStone Brothers Racing
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SBRSpace-Based Radar
SBRStatistical Business Register
SBRSmall Business and Revenue (Canada)
SBRSocial/Behavioral Research
SBRScarff-Bloom-Richardson (prognostic factor in breast cancer)
SBRSkills-Based Routing
SBRSerum Bilirubin
SBRShiny Black Rubber
SBRStatistical Bit Rate
SBRSveriges Biodlares Riksförbund (Swedish: Swedish Beekeepers Association)
SBRShort Barrel Rifle
SBRShooting and Bouncing Ray (cavity analysis method)
SBRSir Bobby Robson (English football manager; UK)
SBRSports Betting Research (Sportsbook Review)
SBRSpecial Boat Squadron (US Navy designation)
SBRScientific Based Research
SBRSaturable Bragg Reflector
SBRSit Back & Relax
SBRStandard Bit Rate
SBRStolen Base Runs (baseball statistic)
SBRSmall Business Reserve Program (Maryland)
SBRSeparately Budgeted Research (education)
SBRSilver Birch Ranch
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SBRSignal Bias Removal
SBRStore Bought Rebels (band)
SBRSummary Billing Record
SBRSchotterbettreinigungsmaschine (German)
SBRSpeaker Back Right
SBRSilver-Bronze Medal
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SBRSteel Bulb Rectifier
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SBRSociety for Biological Rhythm
SBRSelection Board Results
SBRSociété Bretonne du Rhododendron (French: Rhododendron Society of Brittany)
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War fighters continue to tell us that a space-based radar is a requirement for them," he said last spring at the Space Symposium at Colorado Springs, Colo.
To meet this need, DOD and the intelligence community are collaborating on the ambitious Space-Based Radar (SBR) program.
Williams is the Chief of Acquisition Cost Estimating in the Space-Based Radar Joint Program Office at Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, California.
Communications and intelligence systems also receive a boost, with $408 million for the Space-Based Radar program, $775 for the Transformational Satellite Communications programs, and $600 million for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program.
military participants were from TSM Joint STARS; 116th Air Control Wing; Joint STARS Program Office; Joint STARS Test Force (Air Force and Army representatives); Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, space-based radar test team; Air Land Sea Application (ALSA) Center; and the Air Force Command and Control ISR Center.
For instance, the space-based radar provides not only ground mobile targeting, but radar imagery.
The potential of space-based radar for more precise and timely terrain mapping--high resolution terrain (elevation)--may yield benefits for mission planning and rehearsal, particularly for Special Operations Forces or other assets that may be inserted behind enemy lines or borders.
Other technological disappointments are the space-based radar and directed-energy weapons.
The most coveted military application of this space-based radar system is its ground-moving target indication (GMTI) capability.
Arnold was the program executive officer for Air Force space, responsible for the following: Air Force Satellite Control Network; space lift ranges; launch programs; the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program; the Space-Based Infrared System Program; military satellite communication programs; Navstar Global Positioning System programs; intercontinental ballistic missile programs; Defense Meteorological Satellite Program; as well as other emerging transformational space programs, such as space-based radar.
This is a bit of a different way of looking at our space capabilities, and when you combine the space-based radar with something like the E-10 and something like the concept of near space.
CURRENT PLANS FOR the fielding of a space-based radar (SBR) capability in 2010 include developing and testing a space platform that can provide a ground moving target indicator (GMTI); precision geolocating; single-pass, digital, terrain-elevation data collection; electronic protection; single-pass, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging; and high-data-rate, secure communications.
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