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SPANNSignal Processing and Neural Networks
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Singh assumes the role from Tom Spann, who will continue to play a key role at Accolade as vice chairman of the board and chief operating officer.
Mr Spann said: "We want to create economic growth and development in North East.
Over the past 10 years, the Headwaters Stone Division has evolved into a multi-faceted masonry products company with the ability to service a wide variety of design and architectural needs," adds Spann.
The late Spann played piano in blues legend Muddy Waters' band, and is considered one of the greatest blues keyboardists to this day.
Hilary Spann is the head of the Northeast Region Acquisitions team in J.
The court heard Mr Pennock, a multi-millionaire, and his wife, both of Chancery Rise, Thornaby, had met Mr Spann -described as her great-uncle, who lived in New Zealand - once when he was visiting the UK.
Customers will love the openness and warmth of this space," explained co-owner Stephanie Spann.
It was not until midway through the first half that either goal was threatened, Maxwell making a fine point-blank save to deny Andy Ferrell and Spann managing to block the follow-up from Peter Winn.
Wrexham: Maxwell; Obeng, Westwood, Williams, Taylor; Spann (Baynes 46), Fleming, Taboubi, Holden; Sakho (Cieslewicz 77), Holden (Fairhurst 62).
But Wrexham failed to cash in and a mix-up between Russell and Spann allowed Enver-Marum time in the six-yard box and he slipped the ball into an empty net.
Spann played in 19 regular-season and three postseason games for the Patriots the past three seasons.
Spann had scored a spectacular 70thminute equaliser for Wrexham after Spencer Weir-Daley put County ahead after 17 minutes.