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Local lashkars were also getting blamed for kidnapping and even murders but after the creation of SPOs, the Aman Lashkars were allowed to operate as they were a constant target of militants in some areas.
Despite of that I was first asked to return two SPOs and now I have been asked to return all the five rifles,' he added.
In producing the snapshot of the abilities of SPOs to deliver settlement services, the research scope was defined in three ways: geographical scope; the ability of SPOs to deliver settlement services; and whether the needs of immigrants were being met.
The SHRC had recommended identification of the SPOs allegedly involved in the incident and compensation to the survivors.
According to Agnivesh, the first attack occurred early in the morning when an irate crowd of SPOs and Judum members surrounded his vehicle, pelted him with raw eggs, knocked off his turban and pushed him around.
ADOPT(1,0) = an indicator variable set to one for ADOPT firms and zero for NADOPT firms; SIZE = the natural log of end of year market value of equity; LEV = end of year total liabilities divided by end of year total equity; GROWTH = percentage change in sales; EISSUE = percentage change in common stock; DISSUE = percentage change in total liabilities; SPOS = a dummy variable that equals one if net income scaled by total assets is between 0 and 0.
Our Global Air Traffic Operations/Mobility Command and Control SPO (ESC/GA) provides an overview of the process by which a foreign military sales project is started in ESC.
He directed that while reviewing the SPOs pertaining to the security of judges, courts and their offices and in consultation with the office bearers and members of the Bar, the overall security be made extraordinary.
Talking to local journalists at the Dir Scouts ground after induction of 21 SPOs in the force, the DPO said that more than 1500 candidates had applied for the vacant posts but only 21 were selected purely on merit.
The slain policemen have been identified as head constable Abdul Rehman, constable Mudasir Ahmad and SPOs Gulshan and Mudasir Ahmad Parray.
Government sources said it was a possibility that the Naxals were targeting the second bus which had 70- odd SPOs rather than the bus they blew up with 31 SPOs and nearly as many civilians on board.