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SPPSSolid Phase Peptide Synthesis
SPPSSharePoint Portal Server (Microsoft)
SPPSSt. Paul Public Schools (Minnesota)
SPPSSchool of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
SPPSSuper Proton-Antiproton Synchrotron (particle accelerator at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)
SPPSSteam Powered Preservation Society
SPPSSpecialist, Port Security (US Coast Guard)
SPPSState Plant Protection Service (Latvia)
SPPSSpecial Payroll Processing System (various federal agencies)
SPPSStable Plasma Protein Solution
SPPSService de La Promotion Professionnelle des Sourds (French: Department of Professional Advancement of the Deaf)
SPPSSyndicat des Professionnels du Parachutisme Sportif (French: Professional Sport Parachuting Union; est. 2003)
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Toya Stewart Downey, interim communication director for the St.
Paul Udris, principal of U+B Architecture & Design in Minneapolis, has worked on a wide range of school projects for the St.
Paul Parks and Recreation Departments and Minneapolis and St.
We should not have a law that gives students a reason to drop out," St.
The study's conclusions rang true for Jean Ronnei, director of nutrition services for St.
Exhibit 2: Profiles of School District Respondents Number of Number of District Students Employees SMALL Cleveland Municipal School District, OH 73,000 12,000 Denver Public Schools, CO 72,000 14,000 Portland Public Schools, OR 53,000 7,000 Salt Lake City School District, UT 25,000 4,500 St.
I think it certainly shakes people's confidence in high-stakes testing," said Kate Foate Trewick, chief academic officer for St.
Personal interview with Wanda Miller, administrator, student wellness, St.
For several years before the request to begin the group, the St.