StGBStrafgesetzbuch (German penal code)
STGBSawtoothed Grain Beetle
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See StGB [section] 17 (providing for the mistake of law excuse in limited circumstances in which "the perpetrator lacks the appreciation that he is doing something wrong"); see also VAN VERSEVELD, supra note 24, at 34--36 (explaining that the crux of the inquiry turns on defining the required knowledge: "Is this knowledge of the legal prohibition, including all its technicalities?
See StGB [section] 17; see also VAN VERSEVELD, supra note 24, at 34 ("Obviously, if the defendant had Unrechtsbewufitsein, that is, was aware of the wrongfulness of his behaviour, he made no mistake of law.
84) The day fine is usually imposed as a minimum of five and a maximum of three hundred and sixty units, however in cases in which more than one offence has been committed, the number may be increased to a maximum of 720 day fine units: StGB [section] 54(2).
106) StGB [section] 47(2) notes that 'If the law provides for an increased minimum term of imprisonment, the minimum fine .
Peter Lang, 2001); Walter Kargl, "Aktive Sterbehilfe im Zugriff der volkspadagogischen Deutung des [section] 216 StgB," in Jenseits des rechtstaatlichen Strafrechts, ed.
36) Wolfgang Wohlers, "Commentary to [section] 323c," in Nomoskommentar zum StGB, ed.
The three legal codes you quote are certainly very important ones: The ZGB is about civil law (including family and inheritance law and property, law), the OR is about all kinds of contracts and the STGB is about criminal law.
section] 66(1), (2) STGB (only limitation on triggering offenses are requirements that these are intentional and offender be sentenced to a minimum sentence of two and one year, respectively).
STGB since has expanded its CAD system to include six Eclipse minis and a Digital Equipment VAX 11/780 mini supporting 22 color and black-and-white workstations, two on-line plotters, two off-line plotters, six printers, and 11 alphanumeric terminals, Figure 2.
This principle is now incorporated in StGB [Strafgesetzbuch] [section] 34.
section] 81 StGB (applying the crime of treason to "whoever undertakes").