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SNSerial Number
SNStannum (tin)
SNSignal-Noise (ratio)
SNSaturday Night (various organizations)
SNSoon (amateur radio)
SNSnow (METAR precipitation)
SNSierra Nevada
SNSequence Number
SNScience News
SNSonora (Guatemalan radio station)
SNSocial Networking
SNSurname (genealogy)
SNSpace Network
SNSymantec Norton (software)
SNScreen Name
SNSeaman (USCG, USN)
SNSwindon (postcode, United Kingdom)
SNSans Nom
SNSubscriber Number
SNSabena (Belgian World Airlines)
SNSintagma Nominal (Spanish language term)
SNSteve Nash (NBA player)
SNStock Number
SNSkilled Nursing
SNSide Note
SNSuper Nova
SNSubstantia Nigra (neuroanatomy)
SNSafety Notice (various companies)
SNSuper Nintendo
SNSuicide Note
SNSecretary of the Navy
SNSamyutta Nikaya (Buddhist texts)
SNService Number
SNStandard Number
SNScreenname (usually AOL)
SNStaff Nurse
SNStevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac musician)
SNSatellite Navigation
SNSemantic Network
SNStructural Number (highway engineering)
SNSacramento Northern (railroad)
SNSolar Neutrino
SNSuper Nice
SNStudent Nurse
SNService Node
SNSpecial Need (adoptions)
SNSwitching Network
SNSigma Nu (fraternity)
SNSûreté Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Safety)
SNSports Night (TV show)
SNServer Node
SNSerum Neutralization
SNSpace Needle (Seattle, Washington)
SNSuper Node
SNSûreté Nationale (French: National Security)
SNSoup Nazi (Seinfeld episode)
SNSeat Nipple
SNSurgical Nurse
SNShipping Note
SNSir Name (LDAP or Directory Servers)
SNSinging News (southern gospel magazine)
SNStiffness Nominal
SNSteeler Nation (sports website)
SNSthene (measure of force)
SNShared-Nothing Architecture (distributed computing architecture)
SNSkilled Nurse
SNSem Número (Portuguese: having no number; postal usage)
SNSoil Nail (construction)
SNSorceryNet (IRC network)
SNShipping Noise
SNSubjunctive Normal
SNSeparation Number (chromatography)
SNSubnova (website)
SNSecundum Naturam (according to nature)
SNSending Nation
SNSlurry Nebulization (spectroscopy)
SNStrategic Navigation
SNSveriges Naturvetareförbund (Nacka, Sweden)
SNShepherd Nick (website)
SNSource Nursery
SNSkule Nite (University of Toronto)
SNSaucy Nipples (ARC gaming clan)
SNStructural Notation
SNSynchronization Node
SNSlot Neighbor
SNPortable Surface Search Radar (US Navy)
SNSalutami 'Ntonio (Frisbee Ultimate Club di Milano)
SNSuperconducting Normally (conducting)
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2%), and that due to the changes in the major sections consisting of a standard number for wholesale prices.
For example, when an auditor clicks on the "4-4400" button, it will go to a page that lists the standard number, what the standard is, the protocols and the process indicators.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because the spare tyre installed in the affected vehicles is not likely to match the information on the vehicle's tyre information placard, so these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 110 'Tyre selection and rims for motor vehicle.
The wireless dictionary is searchable by keywords, standard number or by browsing the database alphabetically and is a result of the accumulation of over 3,200 terms and definitions over several decades by IEEE.
Staff from the Lord Street and the Belle Vale stores challenged motorists to read a standard number plate from a distance of 20.
The standard number of periods for the RSI indicator is <strong>14</strong>.
At which golf club did the codification of the laws of the game set the standard number of holes in a round as 18?
Professional Standard Number One: I have a fiduciary duty to put the clients' interests first.
The International Accounting Standard number 36, with which GAAP should comply, defines "fair value" as: "The amount obtainable from the sale of an asset in an arm's length transaction between knowledgeable, willing parties.
This temporary alternative size standard opens up the SBA products to many more businesses who wouldn't have qualified based on the previous standard number of employees or revenue in their business.
The plans could see 101 replace all the different police contact numbers in Wales as a standard number for reporting minor crime.
A little longer than most of its companion volumes, and with the standard number of half-tone illustrations, it treats Resnais's films chronologically in eight chapters, from the early documentaries to the late, lighter On connait la chanson and Pas sur la bouche, with entire chapters devoted to Hiroshima mon amour, L'Anne derniere a Marienbad, Muriel, ou le temps d'un retour, and Providence, by critical consensus Resnais's most important films.
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