StatcanStatistics Canada (Canadian government)
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RAdm Jennifer Bennett: We worked with StatCan to design the survey and create the questions.
But the StatCan survey that we will conduct in a couple of years will do that.
The StatCan homepage offers the latest figures for key social and economic indicators.
You can find detailed socioeconomic data, as well as common indicators, on the StatCan site.
In addition, infographics, such as the one associated with a 2015 report on Canada's population estimates, provide useful snapshots of key information derived from StatCan data.
Table 3 Bureau of Economic Analysis and Statistics Canada (Productivity Accounts) Depreciation Rates by Asset Type Depreciation Rate Asset StatCan Asset Classification Implicit Statistics Code BEA Canada 1 Office furniture, furnishing 0.
4) Statistics Canada, Population Projections for Canada, Provinces and Territories 2009 to 2036 (2010) StatCan <http://www.
Less seriously, even the Church of Jedi (of Star Wars fame) tried its best in 2001 to become a recognized religion, (7) but, unlike the other examples mentioned above, Statcan nixed the idea for fear of confidentiality breach.
Quotes are from Philippine Overseas Employment Administration 2009, statcan.
The longitudinal and other social surveys which were developed in the 1990s were not even thought of at that time, nor was there any StatCan survey on such important social topics as health or education after the short-lived Canada Health Survey in the 1970s.
This special volume of the Canadian Review of Sociology marks the 22nd year StatCan has released GSS data.
Les enquetes longitudinales et autres enquetes sociales qui ont vu le jour dans les annees 90 n'etaient meme pas envisagees a l'epoque, et aucune enquete sur des questions importantes comme la sante et l'education ne s'etait manifestee a StatCan depuis l'ephemere Enquete sante Canada dans les annees 1970.