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SFYState Fiscal Year
SFYSwift Energy Company (stock symbol; Houston, TX)
SFYScience Foundation Year (UK)
SFYSussex Family YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; Delaware)
SFYSucks For You
SFYSpringfield, MA Metropolitan (airport code)
SFYSolutions for You, Inc. (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada; est. 1998)
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Over the last three state fiscal years, the Office of the State Comptroller's Office has issued $450 million in refunds involving 680,000 accounts.
The March 1 order closed courts every Friday until the beginning of the new state fiscal year on July 1 and eliminated public defenders for all but the most serious cases.
The total first year earnings of the 16,041 people with disabilities who were successfully placed in state fiscal year (SFY) 1996 was $171 million.
Certain transition provisions are provided for donation programs in effect on September 30, 1991, for State fiscal year 1992 and for health care related taxes in effect or enacted as of November 22, 1991.
for the period: state fiscal year 2018 - july 1, 2017 through june 30, 2018.
The "last-minute" decision caught most of the state's sheriffs off guard, forcing them to figure out ways to continue the funding once the already allocated money runs out June 30, the end of the state fiscal year.
States reported deploying fiscal relief funds in state fiscal year 2003, 2004, or planned to in future years.
The 2002 e-filing law requires employers to file unemployment tax reports and to pay tax electronically if they employed 10 or more employees in any calendar quarter during the previous state fiscal year (July 2001 through June 2002).
for the period: state fiscal year 2018(fy18)- 2019(fy19), july 1, 2017, through june 30, 2019.
BOSTON - With the state fiscal year ending in four days and no agreement yet from six legislators negotiating a House-Senate budget deal, lawmakers yesterday approved a $1.
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