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SFESydney Futures Exchange (Australia)
SFESparkfun Electronics (Boulder, CO)
SFEScouts for Equality (various locations)
SFESupercritical Fluid Extraction
SFEStar Formation Efficiency (astronomy)
SFEScale Factor Edit
SFEStart Field Extended
SFESecure Function Evaluation (cryptography)
SFESales Force Effectiveness
SFESociety of Facade Engineering (est. 2004)
SFESurface Figure Error (optics)
SFESkills for Employment (various organizations)
SFESolicitors for the Elderly (legal advisory group; Hertfordshire, England, UK; est. 1999)
SFESan Francisco Examiner
SFESt. Francis Elementary (Minnesota)
SFEStandards for Excellence
SFESodalizio Fuoristradisti Euganei (Italian: Off-Road Hills Association)
SFESociété Française de l'Evaluation (French: French Evaluation Society)
SFEStacking Fault Energy (materials science and engineering)
SFESan Fernando, Philippines (Airport Code)
SFESociété Française d'Endocrinologie (French: French Society of Endocrinology)
SFESupplier Furnished Equipment
SFESociété Française d'Equithérapie (French: French Society of Equitherapy)
SFEServices Front End (workshop)
SFESociété Française d'Ethnopharmacologie (French: French Society of Ethnopharmacology)
SFEStainless Fabricating & Engineering (Portage, MI)
SFESociété Française d'Ethnomusicologie (French: French Society of Ethnomusicology)
SFEStandardization Flight Evaluation (US Army)
SFESociété Française d'Electrophorèse
SFESociété Française d'Ecologie (French: French Society of Ecology)
SFESustainable Forestry Education (Michigan)
SFEService Fraternel d'Entraide (French: Fraternal Mutual Aid Service; various locations)
SFESociété Française d'Egyptologie (French: French Society of Egyptology)
SFESociété de Fabrication Electronique (French: Electronic Manufacturing Company)
SFESociété Française d'Endodontie (French: French Society of Endodontics)
SFEStupid Feeding Error (herpetoculture)
SFESpace Force Enhancement (US DoD)
SFESymington Family Estates (Port wine)
SFESupercritical Fluid Elution
SFESingle-Flared Eyelet (body piercing)
SFEStatic Feed Electrolysis
SFESociété Francaise d'Exobiologie (French: French Society of Exobiology)
SFEStatement of Functional Expense (nonprofit efficiency)
SFEStore and Forward Engine
SFESpace Frequency Equivalence
SFESheet Film Equivalent
SFESevere Framing Error (Hekimian)
SFESimon Fell Ensemble (UK)
SFESociété Française de l'Emballage (French: French Society of Packaging)
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The combined statement of functional expense previously included a natural expense classification titled "Allocated General".
Currently, only certain nonprofits considered to be voluntary health and welfare organizations are required to present their expenses by natural class in a statement of functional expenses.
4 million as legal on the Statement of Functional Expenses in its most recent Form 990.
Reporting only salaries as compensation expense: Reporting compensation of current officers, directors, trustees, and key employees on line 5 of Part IX, Statement of Functional Expenses, should include all forms of salary and benefits, including pension plan contributions, dental or medical insurance, and other employee benefits (whether or not taxable to the employee), not just wages.
We measured quality as the degree to which the client complied with GAAP disclosure requirements for (1) investments, (2) valuation of fixed assets, (3) depreciation of fixed assets, (4) form of audit report, (5) cash donations and pledges, (6) donated materials and services, (7) presentation of statement of functional expenses and (8) presentation of balance sheet and other statements.
Observe that only the Audit Guide for voluntary health and welfare organizations requires a statement of functional expenses (Item 4), which details the nature of expenses incurred in each functional category of program and supporting services.
The costs of providing the various programs and other activities have been summarized on a functional basis in the Statement of Functional Expenses.
Form 990 for 2008 moves the Statement of Functional Expenses from Part II (990, page 2) to Part IX (990, page 10).
In addition, the depicted Statement of Functional Expenses does not appear realistic, because there are no non-salary-related expenses charged to general and administration.
It also requires voluntary health and welfare organizations to provide a statement of functional expenses that reports expenses by both functional and natural classifications.
Revenues Program revenues $943,448 Membership fees 381,543 Investment income, net of investment expenses 102,901 Other income 125 Total Support and Revenues 1,428,017 Expenses Program services 1,120,861 Membership Services 157,048 Supporting Seances 575,335 Total program and supporting services 1,853,244 CHANGE IN NET ASSETS (425,227) NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR 7,713,919 NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR $7,288,69 Statement of Functional Expenses for the Year Ended December 31, 2007 See the accompanying notes to financial statements.
Four areas of debate emerged: 1) Should a statement of functional expenses be required?
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