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SNCSt Norbert College (De Pere, Wisconsin)
SNCSociété en Nom Collectif (French: Partnership)
SNCSierra Nevada Corporation (Sparks, NV)
SNCSistema Nervioso Central
SNCSecond National Communication (environment)
SNCStraight No Chaser (Bloomington, Indiana based all male A Capella group)
SNCSystème Nerveux Central (French: central nervous system)
SNCSouth Northamptonshire Council (UK)
SNCSubnetwork Connections
SNCSignificant Non Compliers
SNCStorage Networking Controller
SNCStatement of Net Cost
SNCSupply Network Collaboration
SNCSierra Nevada College (est. 1969)
SNCSocial Networking Community (various organizations)
SNCSocietà in Nome Collettivo (Italian: Partnership)
SNCSouth Norfolk Council (UK)
SNCSpecial National Conditions (various organizations)
SNCSignificant Noncompliance
SNCSecure Network Communication
SNCSierra Nevada Conservancy (California)
SNCSemaine Nationale de La Culture (French: National Week of Culture; Burkina Faso)
SNCSolidarités Nouvelles Face Au Chômage (French: New Solidarity in the Face of Unemployment; est. 1985)
SNCShared National Credit (US bank examiners)
SNCSwimming/Natation Canada (governing body for swimming in Canada)
SNCSingle Nucleotide Change (biotechnology)
SNCSerious Non-Compliance (Australia)
SNCSocietate in Nume Colectiv (Romanian: Partnership)
SNCSymbolic-Numeric Computation
SNCSkilled Nursing Care
SNCSubnetwork Connection (SDH)
SNCSubstantia Nigra Compacta (neurons)
SNCSpecial Needs Class (various schools)
SNCSignificant Noncompliers
SNCSmall Noncleaved Cell
SNCSecure Network Chat (text chat solution)
SNCSchool Nurse Certificate
SNCScottish National Certificate (Scotland, UK)
SNCStrategic Nuclear Command (India)
SNCSpecial Needs Coordinator
SNCSummer National Championships (swimming)
SNCSolstice Network Client (computing)
SNCSociété Nigérienne de Cimenterie (French)
SNCSport Nutrition Center (various locations)
SNCSystem Network Controller
SNCSociété Nationale de Colombiculture (French: National Society of Colombiculture; est. 1901)
SNCStorage Networking Controller (computer networking)
SNCSystèmes Navals Complexes (French: Complex Naval Systems)
SNCSyndicat National des Collèges (French: National Union of Colleges)
SNCSociété Nautique de La Ciotat (French: Ciotat Boating Society; France)
SNCSchool of Natural Cookery (Boulder, Colorado)
SNCSyndication Networks Corporation (Illiniois)
SNCSatellite Network Controller
SNCSree Narayana College (Kerala, India)
SNCSave Nilgiris Campaign (India)
SNCSpace Network Control
SNCServices Nationaux du Contentieux
SNCShip Noise Control
SNCSaturday Night Crew (Twin Cities area furries)
SNCSpecial Naval Chart
SNCSpider Net Cafe
SNCSweet Nothing Clothes (Etsy)
SNCSoomra National Council Pakistan
SNCState Normal College (Albany, NY)
SNCSurveyer Nenniger & Chênevert, Inc. (now SNC-Lavalin; Canadian engineering firm)
SNCSATCOM Network Controller
SNCSan Franicsco Capistrano, California (Amtrak station code; San Francisco, CA)
SNCStochastic Neural Computing/Computation
SNCSymbol Non-Coherent (Model)
SNCStandard National Contract (Oman Airports)
SNCSociedad de Nombre Colectivo (Italian)
SNCSurf N Call
SNCSpectral-Null Code
SNCStock Number Code
SNCSWPS Network Control
SNCSchedule Notification Center
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While several revenue types are displayed, net cost is a summarized presentation; however, the Statement of Net Cost lists and identifies the agencies that were responsible for federal government costs of $3,814.
Exhibit 3 presents the Statement of Net Cost, which details which major government agency or department incurred the costs.
The Statement of Net Cost is so termed because it schedules gross costs and then deducts earned revenues from those costs.
TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Purpose Background Proposed Accounting Standard Display Selecting Discount Rates Selecting Valuation Date Effect on Prior Standards Appendix A: Basis for Conclusions Display Selecting Discount Rates Selecting Valuation Date Appendix B: Pro Forma Statement of Net Cost Displaying Separate Line Item for Gains and Losses Due to Changes in Assumptions Appendix C: Pro Forma Note Disclosure of OPEB Liabilities and Expense Appendix D: Note 11 from FY 2006 Financial Report of the United States Appendix E: Glossary Appendix F: List of Abbreviations
Gains and losses from changes in long-term assumptions (1) used to estimate federal employee pension, other retirement benefit (ORB), and other postemployment benefit (OPEB) liabilities should be displayed on the statement of net cost separately from other costs.
Some of the most significant changes in amounts on the statement of net cost for the consolidated Financial Report of the United States Government (CFR) (2) and for certain component entities can result from gains and losses from changes in assumptions.
Recommendation: As part of SEC's planned corrective measures to improve controls over the Statement of Net Cost preparation, the Chairman should revise and implement procedures over the preparation of the Statement of Net Cost to utilize actual data reported by employees on their biweekly time and attendance reports.
The statement of net cost is a significant departure from traditional government accounting and financial reporting.
It is hoped that the statement of net cost will serve as a bridge between federal financial reporting requirements and performance reporting requirements under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).
As a companion to the statement of net cost, the statement of changes in net position (exhibit 3, at right) focuses on how the net cost of operations is financed.
The consolidated statement of net cost presents, by functional area, gross cost less earned revenue to arrive at net cost.
The Statement of Net Cost is similar to a commercial firm's income statement.
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