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SVRDSierra Vista Ranger District (Coronado National Forest; Arizona and New Mexico; USDA)
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California's Secretary of State does not use the Department of Technology to provide IT services for its website, internet-facing applications, or the statewide voter registration database, according to Padilla's office.
implement a statewide voter registration database, linking all local
For example, the statewide voter registration database and the state agency that maintains death records may have different formats for date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy versus dd-mm-yy) or for dealing with multiple-word last names (Elizabeth De La Torre versus Elizabeth Delatorre).
President Wilson, along with state and local League representatives, met with 15 state and local elections officials and addressed numerous issues pertaining to the upcoming elections including, but not limited to: the voter registration process, provisional balloting, statewide voter registration database purging and list maintenance, polling place management, poll workers (training and recruitment), and the distribution of resources.
In addition to the required electronic voting machines, HAVA also mandates that states maintain a statewide voter registration database that "shall serve as the single system for storing and managing the official list of registered voters throughout the State.
Additionally, California's development of a statewide voter registration database is progressing slowly.
While all of the law's provisions are desirable and overdue, of particular note in Oregon and Lane County will be the law's centerpieces: doing away with punch-card ballots, and establishing a statewide voter registration database.
The attorney general and the governor's task force endorsed the creation of a statewide voter registration database.
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