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StenStandard Ten (statistics)
StenStrike Team Leader Engine (firefighting)
StenSave the Earth Network
StenSacramento Transportation Equity Network (Sacramento, CA)
StenSheperd, Turpin, Enfield (British WWII-era submachinegun)
StenStaphylococcal Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
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Consistent with IPAT depression scale manual sten scores are categorized from 1to 10.
So while Sterling's design was at the opposite end of the spectrum from Enfield's Sten, the company was quite familiar with producing submachine guns.
It has not been established which IRA man fired the Sten gun at Kingsmill or if the man believed to have been wounded at the Mountain House while carrying the same weapon are one and the same.
The entire lineup of British STEN guns has often been called "Plumbers' Nightmares" because they are so crudely made.
Mr Travers said: "Neil Hidderley has knowledge about firearms and is a self-confessed gun enthusiast, particularly Sten sub-machine guns.
Guns on display at the city centre shop have included a Russian Kalashnikov AK-47 machine gun and a British-made World War II Sten machine gun.
He has just decided to leave the police when an old friend, Sten Torstensson, a solicitor, approaches him to investigate the recent death of his father in a car accident.
The guns for sale are Lee-Enfield rifles No4 (Martinis), Bren machineguns and Sten automatics.
Finnish oil company Neste Oil Corporation said today (20 February) that the double-hull M/T Sten Nordic, a tanker on time charter to Neste Oil, had a contact with the rear of a freighter in a channel cleared of ice in the Gulf of Finland last night.
The Danish government has appointed Sten Frimodt Nielsen to succeed Bo Vesterdorf as Judge at the EU Court of First Instance from September 2007.
Lead speakers will include Ingo Titze, Johan Sundberg, Thomas Cleveland, Garyth Nair, Harm Schutte and Sten Ternstrom.
They range from the well known, like Meg Stuart, whose latest work, Visitors Only, was co-commissioned by the prestigious Volksbuhne (People's Stage) in the former East Berlin; to less familiar artists, like Stephanie Maher and Sten Rudstrom whose evening-length piece Prarie, was co-produced by the tiny K77 Studios in a renovated former squat in the trendy Prenzlauerberg neighborhood.