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SDTSelf-Determination Theory (psychology)
SDTSingapore Dance Theatre
SDTSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (various locations)
SDTShizuoka Daiichi Television (Japan)
SDTSoftware Development and Technology
SDTSmart Draw Template
SDTSystems Development Tool
SDTStructural Dynamic Test
SDTSystem Dump Table
SDTScheme Development Tool
SDTSoundscape Digital Technology
SDTStart Data Traffic
SDTSeries Definition Table
SDTStructured Data Transfer
SDTService Descriptor Table
SDTSigma Delta Tau (sorority)
SDTStructured Document Tag (computing)
SDTSecond Dial Tone
SDTScottish Dance Theatre (UK)
SDTSignal Detection Theory (cognitive science)
SDTService Description Table (Digital Video Broadcast data)
SDTSerial Data Transmitter
SDTSystem Development Team (various organizations)
SDTSoftware Design Technology (UK)
SDTSpecial Disability Trust (Australia)
SDTSpecially Designated Terrorist
SDTSubpoena Duces Tecum
SDTService Delivery Team (various organizations)
SDTSpectral Domain Technique
SDTScience Definition Team (NASA)
SDTSecond Destination Transportation
SDTStep Down Transformer
SDTSociety of Dairy Technology (UK)
SDTShallow Draft Tug (boat)
SDTSan Diego Trolley
SDTSteel Deck Truss (engineering)
SDTService de Traduction (Translation Service of the Commission of the EU)
SDTSoftware Development Tool
SDTStutter Dial Tone
SDTSelf Development Test
SDTShock-to-Detonation Transition (detonation physics)
SDTSelf Directed Teams
SDTSurveillance Detection Team
SDTScheduled Downtime
SDTScent Detection Technologies Ltd. (Israel)
SDTSoftware Delivery Tool
SDTScottish Disability Team (UK)
SDTSol Driven Train (band)
SDTSystem Design Team
SDTSoftware Development Test
SDTStart Data Transfer
SDTSecondary Designated Target
SDTSystems Development Team
SDTSenior Director Technician
SDTSelection Diversity Transmission
SDTSilver Diffusion Transfer (film processing)
SDTSpace & Defence Technologies (Turkey)
SDTSACCS Desktop Terminal
SDTSteered Directional Transmission
SDTSimple Data Transformer
SDTSpatial Display Tool
SDTSpare Delivery Time
SDTShadow Development Technologies
SDTSystem Diagnostic Test
SDTStandard Diagnostic Test
SDTSmall Dead Time (geophysics)
SDTStandard Duty Title
SDTSupply Delay Time
SDTSystem Development Test
SDTSun-Dried Tomato(es) (restaurant menus)
SDTSynchronization, Data and Timing (composite data signal)
SDTShippers Declaration of Transport of dangerous goods (FIATA)
SDTSurveillance Data Translator
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Tenders are invited for Repair To Step Down Transformer Voltage Stabilizer And Ht Distribution Network At Af Stn Salua Under Ge Af Kalaikunda
1 Technology:Thyristor Controlled With Step Down Transformer.
433 Kv3 -Phase 50 Hz Outdoor type, Dyn-11, oil immersed, ONANcooled, copper Wound step down Transformer With Off Circuit Tap changer having C.
Tenders are invited for 60 Kva Step Down Transformer 750/415 V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire For Lhb Type Eog Ac Coaches As Per Rdso Spec No- Rdso/Pe/Spec/Ac/0080/Rev-1/2007 With Amdt-2 Or Latest
Tenders are invited for Step Down Transformer Tfvt For Cab Fan Input 415 Volts Plus 22 Percent Output 110 Volts 50 Hz As Per Clw Spec.
com), makers of standard and custom magnetic devices, including toroidal inductors, step down transformers and many other devices, also makes a complete line of toroidal inductor power chokes.
The upgraded T8 and T5 fixtures now offer the following options: high polished reflectors, occupancy motion sensors, emergency battery backup and 480- and 347-volt step down transformers.
Limited tenders are invited for step down transformers