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S/CShopping Center
S/CService Charge
S/CSignal Conditioning
S/CSolid Carbide (machining industry)
S/CShort Circuit
S/CSupercharger (automobiles)
S/CSuper Comp (drag racing class)
S/CSplitter/Combiner (telecommunications)
S/CStatement of Charges
S/CSales Confirmation (shipping)
S/CSafety Computer
S/CStep Climb (aviation)
S/CSuccess/Communication (Toastmasters Program)
S/CSet Course Time
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When we finally reach the uninhabited Lost City, after a final hamstring-straining 1,200 stone step climb, I can appreciate why, with 69 terraces carved into the mountainside, it was once an empire in the sky.
GlobeAir promptly introduced the PBN on its flights to enjoy a wide range of benefits including more air routes, reduced step climb and descent, reduced fuel consumption and carbon emission, reduced maintenance costs and above all more safety.
I decided to take part in the step climb as a personal challenge and goal -- I think it's very important to stay active and include exercise in your daily lifestyle," said Matheson.
Kirkbymoorside's Dan Peace - finishing on the second best score of the day - lost five on the rock step climb.
The new rules revise inflight procedures "by reducing the step climb from 3 to 2 hours prior to descent and by requiring flight crews to retard the throttles to minimum idle for 30 seconds at the top of descent.
AS I braced the 143 step climb only to plunge 150ft into semi-darkness, I have to admit, the nerves were really starting to kick in.