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SARTSexual Assault Response Team
SARTSociety for Assisted Reproductive Technology
SARTSearch and Rescue Transponder
SARTSanta Ana River Trail (California)
SARTState Animal Response Teams
SARTSearch and Rescue Radar Transponder
SARTSearch and Rescue Team
SARTSickness Absence Recording Tool (Institute of Occupational Medicine; UK)
SARTState Agriculture Response Team
SARTStructured Analysis for Real-Time Systems
SARTServei d’Assaigs i Recerca Tecnològica
SARTSearch And Recovery Team
SARTStrategic Aircraft Reconstitution Team
SARTSite Assessment and Remediation Technology
SARTSmall Arms Remote Target(s)
SARTSubstance Abuse Reorientation & Treatment
SARTSecurity Alert Response Team
SARTSerial Acquisition Reflecting Telescope
SARTSituation Assessment and Recovery Team
SARTStimuli Analog Refresh Table