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STIPScientific and Technical Information Program (DoD program for managing scientific and engineering data)
STIPShipboard Tactical Intelligence Processing
STIPSensor Technology Insertion Program
STIPShort Term Interest Performance
STIPSecure Telecommunications Implementation Plan
STIPSummer Teacher Internship Program
STIPSecondary Turbo Inlet Pressure
STIPStrategic-Tactical Interface Prototype (Digital Strategic Tactical Gateway)
STIPStable Platform and Housing Technology Infusion Project
STIPSummer Transportation Institute Program (education; US DOT)
STIPSyndicat Territorial des Instituteurs et Institutrices Publics de Polynésie (French: Territorial Union of Public School Teachers in Polynesia)
STIPState Transportation Improvement Plan
STIPStatewide Transportation Improvement Program
STIPShort-Term Incentive Plan
STIPStand-In Processing
STIPSecurity Technology Integration Program
STIPSmall Terminal Interoperability Platform
STIPState Transportation Improvement Program
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The legends and the way in which medieval Stip was conquered by the Ottomans are described in the records of Evliya Celebi, the famed travel writer of the 17th century who visited Stip.
Current STIP projects identified for funding in the current four-year plan span the state from top to bottom: from extension of the existing Laura Madison Road in Barrow to construction of a sewage lagoon access road in Ambler, dock improvements at Akutan, and paving a two-lane road on Prince of Wales Island near Naukati.
According to neighbors living near the former family house of Kiro Gligorov in Stip, cited by BGNES, his real family name was Panchev; it was changed to Gligorovic when he was seven and started school by the school's Serbian headmaster.
Given the long gestation period involved in developing STIP, and despite the demands imposed by the AIDS epidemic (which were significant), these issues could have been better addressed by the Bank, as discussed later in this report.
With CardSoft's JEFF-based VM and eAppliance STIP Platform, the benefits of Java are now available on the huge range of devices emerging to meet the demands of the wireless generation.
As projects nominated for STIP came forward, regional planning agencies and the state Department of Transportation wanted projects scheduled in the first years of the plan.
Treasury and agency securities, within the STIP to support a failed remarketing of both CP notes and the bonds at the put date.
Les etats financiers de la societe de la STIP (non encore certifies par les commissaires aux comptes) arretes au 31 decembre 2016 font ressortir un resultat net deficitaire de 49,6 MD contre une perte nette de 2,9 millions en 2015, selon des donnees rapportees lundi par Mena capital partners (MCP).
He also stressed that the trade union organisation will not abandon the rights of STIP employees and will never accept the questionable practices of the general management.
pance karagjozov" - stip for a period of one year (by specification)
Vest features appalling Facebook messages exchanged between SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE in Stip.
The Runner bill was the result of an MTA board decision to take $207 million of the county's $746 million in new STIP money to finish the North Hollywood Red Line subway extension.