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SWOSpaghetti Western Orchestra (band)
SWOSingle Window Operator
SWOSupercritical Water Oxidation
SWOStanding-Wave Oscillator
SWOSymphonic Wind Orchestra (various locations)
SWOSouthwestern Ontario (various organizations; Canada)
SWOSerial Wire Output
SWOSession Work Object
SWOShort Wave Optical
SWOSimulation World Object
SWOSouthwest Ohio
SWOSwordfish (FAO fish species code)
SWOSouth West Observatory (UK)
SWOSoftwareONE (various locations)
SWOSurface Warfare Officer
SWOSine Wave Orchestra (Japan)
SWOStop Work Order
SWOSenior Warrant Officer
SWOSenior Watch Officer
SWOSeaWorld Orlando (Florida)
SWOSwaminarayan World Organization
SWOService Work Order
SWOSwainarayan World Organization
SWOSocialist Workers Organisation (New Zealand)
SWOSoftware Override
SWOSnowbird Wilderness Outfitters (Andrews, NC youth camp)
SWOSusquehanna Wrestling Organization (York, PA)
SWOSenior/Staff Watch Officer
SWOStudent Welfare Officer
SWOSocial Welfare Organization
SWOStaff Weather Office(r)
SWOStaff Welfare Officer (UK)
SWOSorry, We're Open (webcomic)
SWOStrategic Workforce Optimization
SWOSafety Word Orange (band)
SWOSecurity Watch Officer
SWOSpecial Weapons Officer
SWOSoftball World Order (Arlington County, Virginia)
SWOSquadron/Station Warrant Officer
SWOSonic World Order
SWOStoners World Order
SWOSpace Wars Online (gaming)
SWOStillwater, Oklahoma, USA - Stillwater Regional Airport
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The error in Trempealeau County's stop work order should not impact the current production process for SSS, and SSS is working with Trempealeau County to ensure the correct parties are subject to the stop work order.
Now, the building has another stop work order, issued in November 2010, but the violation is expected to be cleared once new permits are issued, Wachtel said.
Having judged that none of these parameters held in the Patuxent River award, the GAO ruled in favor of Amherst, and rescinded the stop work order.
The city issued a full stop work order at the site of an upcoming Greenwich Village condominium yesterday after a metal rod hurtled through the window of the apartment building next door, DNAinfo reported.
Bombardier was issued with six work orders, including a week-long stop work order to comply with Occupational Health and Safety legislation.
By lowering the allowable after hours noise limit in residential areas, allowing inspectors to take noise readings from the street, rather than from inside an apartment, and empowering inspectors with the ability to issue a stop work order for noisy equipment, this legislation should help bring some much needed relief to New Yorkers.
The County may, at any time, by written stop work order to the Contractor, require the Contractor to stop all or any part of the work called for by this Contract for a period of 90 days after the stop work order is delivered to the Contractor and for any further period to which the Parties may agree.
Eco-Brooklyn director's home gets stop work order for digging under the front yard [PMFA]