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STORDStructured Text on Relational Databases
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The aircraft was reportedly chartered by Aker Stord and was carrying 16 passengers and crew when it skidded off the runway at Stord Airport.
For example, the the living quarter has been built at Stord, more than half of the equipment packages come from Norway, and all drilling and well services are performed by Norwegian suppliers.
This implies that currently there is no passenger traffic at the airports at Sola, Karmoy, Flesland, Stord, Floro, Forde, Orsta-Volda and Vigra, Norwegian airport operator Avinor said.
The Aker Stord shipyard, part of oil service group Aker Solutions ASA (OSL: AKSO), together with Apply Lervig, is the only Norwegian bidder for the job.
Three people have been found dead after the crash of an aircraft operated by Atlantic Airways at the Stord airport in Norway this morning (10 October).
Steen Construction is also a joint venture partner together with Aker Stord of Norway and Pool Construction Ltd.
All five wind turbines, each with a capacity of six megawatts (MW), have been mated onto a floating substructure in Stord, Norway, ready to be towed into position 25 kilometres out to sea from the Scottish town of Peterhead and then anchored to the seabed.
Swedish airline Golden Air is reportedly to discontinue its services between Oslo and Stord in Norway.
Kvrner at Stord has been awarded the contract for upgrading the platform and work facilitating the tie-in of Bauge and potential future third-party tie-ins, says Rd.
Widaroe, a Norwegian airline, has said that it will add more capacity on the domestic route between Stord and Oslo from 30 October.
The engines will power five Multi Maritime designed LNG ferries operating between Bergen and Stord.
Sunnhordland municipal procurement forum, on behalf of municipalities Bomlo, Fitjar, Kvinnherad, Stord and Tysnes aims to enter into an agreement (s) for the supply of timber, building materials and paints product.