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STRString (programming languages)
STRShort Tandem Repeat
STRStraße (German: Street)
STRSmith Travel Research
StRStadtrat (Austria, Europe)
STRSanta Rosa (Guatemala territorial division)
STRSuspend to RAM
STRStraat (Dutch: street)
STRStand to Reason (Signal Hill, CA)
STRScuderia Toro Rosso (Italian auto racing team)
STRSteps to Reproduce (a behavior)
STRSpecial Theory of Relativity
StRStudienrat (Austria, Europe)
STRSuspicious Transaction Report
STRSustained Transfer Rate
STRStuttgart, Germany - Echterdingen (Airport Code)
STRSociety of Thoracic Radiology
STRStore Task Register
STRSoftware Test Report
STRSoftware Technology Review (Carnegie Mellon)
STRSoftware Trouble Report
STRSindicato de Trabalhadores Rurais (Portuguese: Union of Rural Workers; Brazil)
STRSynchronous Transmitter Receiver
STRSquare to Round (mechanical)
STRSymbol Timing Recovery
STRSubcontract Technical Representative
STRStructural Requirement
STRSynchronous Transmit Receive
STRSystem Technical Report
STRService Terminal Rotterdam
STRSubject to Regularization (Visa to Nigeria)
STRSpecialised Technology Resources (UK) Ltd.
STRSubmarine Thermal Reactor
STRSequential Transfer Rate
STRSoft-Tissue Rheumatism (medical disorder)
STRShort-Term Recall (neuropsychology)
STRSouthwest Times Record (newspaper)
STRSpot The Reference
STRShawnee Terminal Railway Company
STRStall Torque Ratio (torque converter)
STRSold To Rent
STRScience Tape Recorder
STRState- and Time-Dependent Routing
STRSmile, Talk, Raise both arms (method to determine if a person has suffered a stroke)
STRSystem Test Review
STRSpurious Trip Rate
STRScanning Television Radiometer
STRSociété Tunisienne de Radiologie
STRSoftware Test Result
STRSystem Trouble Report
STRSelective Trunk Reservation
STRStarboard Thermal Radiator
STRServant Team Retreat
STRSymmetric, Transitive, and Reflexive (COM identity rule)
STRSystems Technology Radar
STRSwimming Technology Research, Inc.
STRSpecialized Tone Receiver (Sprint)
STRSubject Terminal Control Release
STRShort-Term Random Variance
STRSuspect Transaction Report
STRSpeaker Trained Recognition (speech recognition systems)
STRStandard Training Requirement
STRStudent Training Requirement
STRSteel Tank Rectifier
STRSurvey Team Report
STRSupplementary Technical Requirement
STRSystem Timing References
STRSystems and Technology Research, Inc (Fairfax, Virginia)
STRSynchronous Track & Receive
STRStorage Retrieval Truck (Automated Warehouse)
STRService Transaction Record
STRQuestar Corporation (Stock Symbol)
STRSelf-Tuning Regulator
STRSales to Retailers (Beer Industry)
STRStudent-Teacher Ratio (education measurement)
STRSell To Rent
STRSupport, Time and Recovery Worker (formerly Community Support Worker)
STRSell Through Rate
STRState Teachers Retirement (various locations)
STRStudent Teacher Relationship (education)
References in classic literature ?
From afar at the end of Tsar Peter Straat, issued in the frosty air the tinkle of bells of the horse tramcars, appearing and disappearing in the opening between the buildings, like little toy carriages harnessed with toy horses and played with by people that appeared no bigger than children.
Co-Experimenter Straat agrees with Levin, saying, "I look forward to Curiosity data that may confirm our life interpretation of the LR.
Terwijl zij ziek op bed ligt, zwerft haar vierjarige zoontje over straat en de enige die zich af en toe over het kind ontfermt en hem wat eten toestopt, is een kleurlingvrouw.
AMSTERDAM Surf away at the easyInternetcafe, above, on Reguliersbree Straat 22 or you can try the older but friendly CyberCafe on the Nieuwendyke.
2] from microorganisms when radioactively labeled organic nutrients were added to the sample (Levin and Straat, 1977).
6) La protesta stessa dei "simpaticissimi provos" (15) (21) prende volentieri la forma, sabato sera nella Leidse straat, di un balletto tra polizia e "capelloni esuberanti" che "s'accapigliano", facendo venire in mente al lettore scene di West Side Story piu che di violenza urbana.
Pieter Cornelius Hoof Straat and Van Baerlestraat are where you will find designer stores a plenty.
De reis van Mahu en De Cordes door de Straat van Magalhaes naar Zuid-Amerika en Japan, 15981600.
Without thinking through the consequences of his actions, he risks his life to take up the cause of the Jews, harboring some so that they can avoid the Beethoven Straat Trolley which transports them eastward, in the direction of death.
t Gebouw is vierkantig/ aan drie zijden geslooten/ en tegen de Straat open.
US and several other TLD's and internationalized domain names (IDNs); and Straat Investments, LLC, which provided the initial funding for the launch of the .