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Tornadoes, softball-sized hail, straight line winds and atmospheric rivers.
And, in most cases, the greatest damage from a QLCS is from widespread damaging straight line winds, not tornadoes.
They say we have straight line winds, which means there won't be a tornado.
I told them about snowshoes, owls, trees, forestry, ecological succession, black cherry burls, lichens, tornadoes, straight line winds, glaciers, ancient river valleys, groundwater movement, lake levels, animal hibernation, torpor, quinzee construction, winter camping, tracking, and probably a dozen other topics.
Ice storms, tornadoes, straight line winds and other natural disasters have played havoc with power in Arkansas in recent years, causing outages and testing homeowners' patience as well as their confidence in utility providers.
I saw a chair in the straight line winds going down the street.
During this relatively weak phase of the tornado, the parent supercell storm began producing significant straight line winds from a large rear flank downdraft (RFD)just south of the tornado track.
While this damage was caused by very strong straight line winds, it is consistent with EF2 tornado damage.