STUKSäteilyturvakeskus (Finland Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority)
StuKSturmpanzerkanone (German military assault gun; Wehrmacht, obsolete)
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The parties shared information on the most significant events in the activities of Rostechnadzor and STUK, and nuclear industries of Russia and Finland.
STUK made the decision last week to give the green light for the construction of an underground nuclear waste repository to be carried out by nuclear waste management firm Posiva.
STUK was established in 1958, initially inspecting radiation equipment used in hospitals.
Due to the nuclear power plant accident in Japan, STUK sent to TVO in early June a request to report on making the so called stress tests defined by EU authorities responsible for nuclear power.
According to Bellona, STUK signed a report eight years ago that stated that the storage of used fuel was satisfactory without STUK investigating the situation itself.
Major organization : VZW ASSOCIATIE KU LEUVEN EN STUK VZW (0419.
Reigning STUK champion Marco Belli will be having his first ride as a full works CCM rider while European Mefo champion Jacopo Monti also makes the long trip from Italy with his Harley Davidson.
STUK is a new range of cool urban skatewear for boys aged seven to 13 who love to flip, spin and grate at Woolworths.
And in February Finland's nuclear regulator STUK issued a safety assessment, which backed the project.
Using dirt-track ovals - ranging from traditional speedway circuits to trotting tracks - organisers STUK have given British audiences the chance to watch the sport known Stateside as flat track racing.