STUKSäteilyturvakeskus (Finland Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority)
StuKSturmpanzerkanone (German military assault gun; Wehrmacht, obsolete)
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STUK was established in 1958, initially inspecting radiation equipment used in hospitals.
Due to the nuclear power plant accident in Japan, STUK sent to TVO in early June a request to report on making the so called stress tests defined by EU authorities responsible for nuclear power.
Until very recently the STUK was spread about the town in a number of buildings.
At the heart of the STUK is the inner court and an outdoor foyer with entrances to the most important theatres.
30pm with the quads and qualifying races for the main STUK event.
Quad and junior action completes a bumper bill and fans have the chance to win a Harley-Davidson Sportster XL883 in an STUK 2007 competition/draw.
She said that, STUK is working closely with KACARE to help establish a radiation and nuclear safety authority in the Kingdom which will ensure the peaceful applications of nuclear energy.
The aim of the procurement procedure is a four-year framework agreement, which applies to STUK carried out consultancy work on the structural geology and 3D modeling field.
Experiments for remote location of Alpha emitters by UV technology are performed together with STUK.
The purpose of this Prior information notice is to give advance notice that STUK intends to issue a call for tenders to set up a Framework Agreement for the supply of Radiation protection instrumentation Backpack-type radiation detectors for the detection of illicit trafficking of radioactive material.
With this inquiry STUK requests interested experts to sign up to a STUK list of potential tenderers.
The air cooling towers also became a development target in the safety assessments carried out by the Finnish Radiation Safety Authority STUK in 2012 as a part of the so-called stress tests within the European Union.