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StuRaStudentenrat (German: student council)
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Magnetostratigraphy of the Stura di Lanzo Fossil Forest succession (Piedmont, Italy).
L'ingaggio di Rino da parte del ristorante cinese da intanto la stura ad una rappresentazione tra surreale e teatrale dell'"invasione" dei cinesi, a meta tra Kafka ed effetti speciali da film di fantascienza.
A mud slide in the village of Fenis, in the Alpine Aosta Valley, killed five people, the Ansa news agency reported, while two more people were swept away as the Stura, Po and Dora Riparia rivers in Piemonte surged over their banks.
Sur l'enveloppe elle avait ecrit les ninnenanne que Fintan aimait bien, celle de la Befana et de l'Uomo nero, celle du pont de la Stura.
In 2004, GE provided six Jenbacher engines for a landfill methane gas-to-energy plant at the Basse di Stura landfill, one of Italy's most powerful landfill energy projects.
Services snow removal and ice prevention at business areas, parking lots, stairs leading to the subway, in the areas of access to line 4 at the parking Stura and Terminal GTT Juventus Stadium IGC 58303458E4.
While Patrick Hannah had to satisfy with the second place, Alessandro Stura settled for third place.
de AHLSTROM RELEASE 7N130 & LABEL PAPERS Via Stura 98 Mathi, Torino, 10075, Italy 39 0119260111 release@ahlstrom.
Service of carrying out the activities of the EC Verification and Certification of compliance with the TSI as a Notified Body in accordance with the Regulations and National Security as VIS for the quadrupling of the railway line Torino Porta Susa - Turin Stura ("Fast Line "or" historical ") connected with the requirements for the authorization of placing in service of the same stretch of line and certification of the new station Rebaudengo, as well as the underground station of Porta Susa relatively new tracks 1 and 2, including the ~update of the CE of the HS / AC Torino-Milano, to the station of Porta Susa (not included).