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STDSexually Transmitted Disease
STDStunde (German: Hour)
STDDoctor(ate) of Sacred Theology (degree)
STDShort Term Disability
STDShort Term Disability (Insurance)
STDStunden (German: Hours)
STDStandard Deviation
STDStandard Transmission (car transmission)
STDSave the Date
STDSolar Terrestrial Dispatch
STDSecurity Tools Distribution (Knoppix)
STDSaves the Day (band)
STDSão Tome and Principe Dobra (ISO currency code)
STDSt. David
STDSvensk Teknik och Design (Swedish: Swedish Engineering and Design)
STDSpyro the Dragon (game)
STDState Transition Diagram
STDShort Term Debt (finance)
STDSeize the Day
STDStabbed to Death (band)
STDStraight to DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)
STDSoftware Test Description
STDStar Destroyer (Star Wars)
STDSubscriber Trunk Dialing
STDSigma Tau Delta (Sorority and English Honors Society)
STDStud Book
STDShaggy 2 Dope (Insane Clown Posse band member)
STDSevere Tire Damage (band)
STDScience and Technology Division
STDScheduled Time of Departure
STDSecond To Die (life insurance)
STDSet Direction Flag
STDSaturation Transfer Difference
STDScience and Technology for Development (European Union)
STDSalinity, Temperature, Depth
STDSynthetic Training Device
STDSoftware Test Design
STDSchaffer the Darklord (entertainer)
STDSpecial Taxing District
STDSanto Domingo, Venezuela - Mayor Humberto Vivas Guerrero (Airport Code)
STDStandard Trunk Dialing
STDSouth Tibetan Detachment
STDSociété des Touristes du Dauphiné (French: Tourists Society of Dauphin; France)
STDSmall Target Detection
STDSocially-Transmitted Disease (aka Sexually-Transmitted Disease)
STDSustainable Technology Development (Netherlands)
STDSoftware Test Document
STDSafely Tolerated Dose
STDSerial Transmit Data
STDSpécifications Techniques Détaillées (French: Detailed Technical Specifications)
STDSelective Transmit Diversity
STDStick the Dealer (euchre)
STDScrew the Dealer (Euchre card game house rule)
STDStorage Technology Division
STDSpace-Time Diagram
STDSub Tropical Depression
STDSimplified Trellis Decoder
STDStep Transaction Doctrine
STDStudent Technical Director
STDShuttle Test Director (US NASA)
STDSham Tseng Development (Hong Kong)
STDSpanish Training Division
STDSkate Till Death (skateboarding group)
STDSystem Technology Demonstrator
STDStephen, Thomas, Dalton (Sacramento band)
STDStation de Traitement des Déchets (French: Waste Treatment Station)
STDSpectral Theory of Diffraction
STDSingly-Testable Dependent
STDSpatial-Temporal Detector
STDSolutions for the Disturbed (band)
STDSystems Target Decoder (MPEG systems)
STDSociety for Theological Discussion
STDSingle-Trial Decoding
STDSubcutaneous Tissue Disorder
STDStandard Offline Test Driver
STDSystem Test Directive
STDSwimmer Transportation Device
STDState Transportation Department
STDSavings Tax Directive (EU)
STDSustainable Tourism Development (various locations)
References in classic literature ?
On going into the CHALET above the fall, we were informed that a BRU"CKE had broken down near Guttanen, and that it would be impossible to proceed for some time; accordingly we were kept in our drenched condition for EIN STUNDE, when some VOYAGEURS arrived from Meiringen, and told us that there had been a trifling accident, ABER that we could now cross.
Ja es wurde jederman denselben verlachen, wann er pratendiren wolte, Franckreich solte von Deutschen franzoisch reden lernen, etwa weil es so und so in seiner grammatic stunde.
26) "Ein guter Jude, das bedeutet, ein Mensch zu sein, der in jeder Stunde vom Gottesbewusstsein erfullt ist, Der Gottesdienst bestand nicht nur im Besuch der Synagoge, er war der tagliche, ja stundliche Dienst des Knechts Gottes.
Throughout German-speaking Europe one could hear variations of the popular ditty Jetzt ist die Zeit und Stunde da, wir fahren nach America, now the time and hour have come, we're travelling to America.
When they turned to organizing such Bible hours among their own people, the Slavic faithful were soon nicknamed shtundisty, after the German word for hour, Stunde.
Silence in fact seemed to be the motif of Stunde Null, zero hour.
In May, for example, a dynamic drawing by German artist Neo Rauch: Stunde (1999), was sold by Sotheby's in New York for triple its estimate at $531,200 to a private collector whilst in the same month a large 'gun-powder' drawing by the Chinese performance artist Cai Guo Qiang sold at Christie's in Hong Kong for $850,000.
capitulation expressed in the German phrase die Stunde null.
Der Hurrikan Katrina hat mit einer Windgeschwindigkeit von mehr als 140 Meilen pro Stunde das Meer aufgepeitscht, die Heimat von Snapper, Pampano, Krebsen, Froschen und ca.
13 Ein Lied von Schubert hat der Musiklehrer in fast jeder Stunde vorgespielt.
210 and his conclusion "Die Stunde unserer [German] Geschichie hat geschlagen" [The hour of our history has struck] at the end (p.
After capitulation in 1945, Germany found itself in the so-called Stunde Null (zero hour).