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SWMStadtwerke München GmbH (German: municipality utility company)
SWMSolid Waste Management
SWMStormwater Management
SWMSouthwest Michigan
SWMSilent Wave Motor (Nikon)
SWMSustainable Water Management (various locations)
SWMStar Wars Monopoly (gaming)
SWMStupid White Men (Michael Moore)
SWMSystem Web Based Management
SWMSteering Wheel Module
SWMSingle Wire Multiswitch (Directv)
SWMSemantic Web Mining
SWMSingle White Male
SWMSmall Window Manager
SWMShareholder Wealth Maximization (finance)
SWMSpatial Working Memory
SWMShort Way of Mesh (expanded metal mesh)
SWMStay With Me
SWMStraight White Male
SWMSouth West Monsoon
SWMSleep with Me (movie)
SWMSmart Web Move
SWMSpeedy Working Motors (manufacturer)
SWMSemantic MediaWiki
SWMSemiconductor Worldwide Management
SWMScott Wilson Mining (UK)
SWMSeries Wound Motor
SWMSafe Work Methods
SWMService and Warranty Management
SWMShunt Wound Motor
SWMSwitch Matrix Interface
SWMSlow Wire Monitor
SWMSpecial Warfare Mission
SWMSliding Window Method (computing)
SWMSingle-Wire Model
SWMShipboard Wave Meter
SWMSystem Welfare Monitor
SWMShanks Waste Management, Ltd (UK)
SWMStair-Way Modulation (solid state technology)
SWMSafe Water Mark
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Michael Moore Published by Penguin We're on the non-fiction shelves this week, kicking off with Mike's Election Guide, released presumably because Moore was worried that there might still be some American right wing republicans that he hadn't infuriated, upset or offended with previous books Stupid White Men and Dude Where's My Country.
Michael Moore, a respected American journalist, published a book about US politics, called Stupid White Men.
But they have kept up Penguin's crusading zeal, publishing Salmon Rushdie's The Satanic Verses in the 1980s and more recently defending a libel suit by revisionist historian David Irving in 2000 after publishing Prof Deborah Lipstadt's Denying the Holocaust and in 2002 bringing out Michael Moore's Stupid White Men in the UK after attempts to ban it in the USA.
Starting with his book of 2003 - Stupid White Men - which landed a few shots against President Bush and his administration, Michael Moore landed something of a double-whammy in 2004.
As an illustration, I wrote Bedford Library Director Meredith McCulloch that STUPID WHITE MEN was an offensive title and asked if she would purchase a book called STUPID BLACK WOMEN.
Characterized by a high-energy, community-specific, and culture-based approach to politics, the League's organizers hit the ground sprinting this spring, with a 90-city swing state book tour of How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office (Soft Skull Press, eds.
In movie theaters, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 is on track to become the highest-grossing documentary ever, breaking the record set by Moore's previous film, Bowling for Columbine, and matching the success of his books Stupid White Men and Dude, Where's My Country?
And the title of their handbook--How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office--is equally impressive.
I suggest we pass the time by reading Orwell's 1984, or Michael Moore's Stupid White Men.
Away from making documentaries and writing his polemic books like Stupid White Men, he leads a relatively quiet life in New York City with wife, producer Kathleen Glynn.
One chapter cites five books that are highly politicized, such as Michael Moore's Stupid White Men .