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STGSTG (Sciences, Technology and Globalization) Corporation Pty LTD
STGSterling (silver)
STGSturmgewehr (German: Storm Gun)
STGSciences et Technologies de La Gestion (French: Science and Technology Management; degree)
STGShooting Game (video game genre)
STGSuperior Temporal Gyrus
STGSteam Turbine Generator
STGStar Trek Generations (movie)
STGSIGINT (Signals Intelligence) Terminal Guidance
STGShort Term Goal(s)
STGSpecial Tactics Group
STGSpace Task Group
STGSwear to God
STGSignal Transition Graph
STGStroytransgaz (Russian oil and gas construction company)
STGSigma Tau Gamma (fraternity)
STGStrain Gage
STGState Transition Graph
STGSystem Technology Group (various organizations)
STGSoftware Technologies Group, Inc. (Chicago, IL, USA)
STGSpécialités Traditionnelles Garanties (Agricultural products and foodstuffs as traditional specialities guaranteed)
STGShort Term Gain (investing/trading)
STGSlaves To Gravity (band)
STGSpecial Task Group
STGStudent Travel Grant
STGStandards Technology Group
STGSpanning Tree Group
STGStrategic Thought Group plc
STGSoft Tissue Graft
STGSpecial Transitional Grant
STGScience, Technology, and Globalization (degree)
StGSt. George School (St. George, Maine)
STGSqueteague (FAO fish species code)
STGSwitch to Ground
STGScandinavian Tobacco Group (Denmark)
STGStock Trading Game
STGSystems Task Group International Ltd.
STGSpecial Technical Group (USENIX Association)
STGStormgevär (Swedish assault rifle)
STGStormguard (gaming clan)
STGStatic Task Graph
STGSteering Task Group
STGScientific & Technical Group (EUMETSAT)
STGSpecial Topic Group
STGSky Tower Games (gaming)
STGStandard Treatment Guide
STGStructured Technology Group
STGSokil Transportation Group
STGStandard Trading Group (Tempe, AZ)
STGScanning Thermogravimetry
STGStandards Task Group
STGSimulation Tape Generator
STG(USN Rating) Sonar Technician (Surface)
STGSynthetic Terrain Generator
STGSystem Time Generator
STGStudy Task Group
STGSally, That Girl (Gucci Crew song)
STGSystem Test Guide
STGSt. George by Duffer (UK retail clothing store)
STGScotch, Tank and Ginger (programming; ROCK 102 radio; North Dakota)
STGSecurity Technology Group (various organizations)
STGSecurity Threat Group (corrections)
STGSeattle Theater Group (Washington)
STGSaid the Girl (band)
STGScholarly Technology Group (Brown University)
STGSend to Gang (gaming)
STGShiny Toy Guns (band)
STGScreaming to God (band)
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With lessons learned during the development and modernization of both their iconic MP 40 submachine gun and infamous MG42, engineers began work on the STG 45(M), or Sturmgewehr of 1945.
It was developed specifically for their revolutionary Sturmgewehr (aka MP43 & MP44).
While the MP-43 was not really considered a palrticularly hot property, when its practicality as an assault rifle was demonstrated to skeptical officials, the gun was redesignated the Sturmgewehr (assault rifle) 44.
They went in just a short while from motorcycles with sidecars to King Tiger tanks and from the MP35/I to the MP40 and subsequently the MP44 Sturmgewehr.
The impact of the sudden appearance on the front line of a 30-round, selective-fire rifle, later to be named the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44), had to have been a startling event to the Russians.
Steyr began licensed manufacture of the FN-FAL as the Sturmgewehr 58.
In the 1950s, Switzerland fielded their radical looking Sturmgewehr 57 (StG 57), known also as the SIG 510 in commercial form, which replaced all of those lovely Schmidt-Rubins that have washed up on our milsurp shores.
And the sexiest Nazi gun of all, even above the Luger or MP40, is the Sturmgewehr, the gun that gave the world the term "assault rifle.
Out of all the firearms I've had a chance to shoot, the Sturmgewehr stands out in my mind as the most memorable.
By 1923, the lnspektion der Infanterie produced a memorandum actually describing the attributes of the eventual Sturmgewehr.
His design evolved through many names but most firearms enthusiasts today prefer the last one bestowed on it by Germany's military--the Sturmgewehr.