SuSanASustainable Sanitation Alliance (International Sanitation Year, United Nations)
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Susana tenia 42 anos y desde hacia tres luchaba contra el cancer con valentia y entereza, hasta que ya no pudo ser, como se encargo de contar Mariola Orellana, la mujer de Antonio Carmona.
Desde hace tres anos la vida de Susana Perez Romo como la de sus hijos Mayra y Erick Arciniega Perez, de 30 y 27 anos respectivamente, dio un giro de 180 grados cuando decidieron irse de Nezahualcoyotl al municipio de Santa Maria Nextlalpan, a un costado de la caseta Mexico-Queretaro.
I don't want to lose him, said Susana, who is married to Jose, a 54-year-old carpenter and construction worker.
La experiencia que ha desarrollado Susana en el trabajo de vinculacion entre la academia y la politica representa una leccion y un ejemplo para los demografos que hoy se forman.
As I figured out more about how to actually use blogs, then I started to get more into it," said Susana.
The eastern entrance to the valley through the rocky pass gives motorists views for miles of the Santa Susana Mountains, but there are already housing tracts visible along some ridgelines and on the valley floor.
She would like to go to a Teesside school and AFS is appealing for families, couples and individuals in Middlesbrough to volunteer as hosts for Susana for the coming academic year.
Susana Chavez-Silverman, whose previous work includes editing a series of essays about Queer Sexualities in Latin, Latin American, and Spanish Culture, effortlessly flows between Spanish and English in her tongue-twisting book of memoirs, Killer Cronicas, taking us on a bilingually nuanced voyage from California to South Africa, Argentina, Spain, and Chile.
If that is the case, then how is the film going to present, evaluate, Susana herself?
La opinion en general de Susana ha cambiado mucho, tanto periodistica como del publico.
The pounds 25 million striker confronted the German soap star after a friend told him that Susana and sports reporter Pedro Bial, pin-up of Rio-based Globo TV, were more than just friends.
The paper claimed the fit he suffered before Sunday's game was the result of anti- depressants taken on hearing rumours about blonde, blue-eyed Susana.