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This system has the ability to measure pattern dimensions on the photomask into the sub-half-micron range at a 3 sigma repeatability of 6 nanometers, using the latest in video, digital imaging and signal processing technologies.
We expect this product to be very popular for customers which are transitioning to sub-half-micron manufacturing, and for those interested to add additional i-line capacity at 0.
In sub-half-micron designs, clock networks are composed of distributed RC trees and meshes with many stages of buffering.
Performance Semiconductor designs, manufactures and markets high- performance static RAMs, interface logic and MIPS and P1750A microprocessors in submicron and sub-half-micron CMOS technologies.
Designed to meet the full range of RTP process challenges for devices featuring sub-half-micron design rules, the Heatpulse 8108 utilizes AG Associates' patented cross lamp oven and individual zone control to generate exceptional temperature uniformities.
UMC) in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, where it will be used in high-volume foundry and memory production programs using sub-half-micron process technologies.
Jeffrey Marks, general manager of the CMP product development group, said, "Unlike other CMP systems, which evolved from raw wafer polishing equipment, the Mirra CMP system was designed from the start for sub-half-micron semiconductor device processing.
35-micron and below etch requirements will dominate this sector as chipmakers standardize on sub-half-micron design rules.
The rapid acceptance of Lam's family of next-generation etch and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process tools positions Lam well for continuing to increase its share of the worldwide process equipment market as chipmakers standardize on sub-half-micron manufacturing processes.
By the end of the 1980s, it was clear that new plasma source technology was required in both etch and CVD to meet sub-half-micron technology design rules," explained Voshchenkov.
Common to all of these customers in the United States, Asia and Europe, is the need for production-worthy tools that provide complete contact solutions for the emerging genre of sub-half-micron devices.
Lam's TCP 9600 system, currently the leading tool for sub-half-micron production and pilot line metal etch applications, has already achieved wide acceptance in this market.