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After acquiring a competitor, the company found itself with multiple finance departments, each with its own methods for account reconciliation, including reconciling sub-ledgers with general ledgers.
We are delighted to work with Discover to implement our granular sub-ledger to provide a single point of financial control, to generate insights and to assist operations.
Errors and fraud have an opportunity to grow when balance sheet accounts are not reconciled to sub-ledgers, supporting documentation and to physical assets.
By applying an information standard across all levels of business information within the enterprise--from reporting disclosures to general ledgers to transactional ledgers and sub-ledger systems and back to operational systems--XBRL enables disparate systems to all "speak the same language.
Increase the frequency of If the financial system allows for sub-ledger postings to the general it, post more frequently and use ledger.
The BPF offering makes it possible to create automatic procedures within general ledger or sub-ledger, such as all the signings-off required before an invoice can be paid to a vendor.
RTS Royalty Transaction Solution - RTS is the most powerful, cost-effective solution for tracking and processing contracts, rights, and royalties; combined with a robust accounting sub-ledger RTS maximizes revenue while maintaining control over content.
A major developer of technology solutions for independent schools and educational institutions, inRESONANCE (iR), has unveiled a full-featured sub-ledger student billing system, called StuB.
Turbo-Charge Your Accounting with the Release 12 Sub-ledger Accounting Engine
Misys Loan IQ is the global leader in high-end solutions for lending operations, providing a sub-ledger, audit trails, a P&L system and fully automated loan administration.
Support for near real-time reporting of information in Oracle Sub-ledger Accounting (SLA) and for Receivables, Payables, and Projects
Using their Excel skills, financial users easily create and modify standard and ad-hoc reports with GL Wand's friendly Excel interface and drill down to sub-ledger details with a simple mouse click - all without requiring IT support," said Chris Meyer, Managing Director Americas for Excel4apps.