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Nothing was officially heard of the fate of the other sub-flight, led by Sub-Lieutenant Thompson, but one of the MTB commanders said he saw one plane ditching near some E-Boats, and, while the crew were trying to swim to safety, a German fighter pilot machine-gunned them, until they were all dead.
The two men parted and Dyett wandered through the fog and mud until he found another officer, a Sub-Lieutenant William Fernie, who said he should follow him, with other stragglers, to the front.
McWhirter spent three years in the Royal Navy between 1943 and 1946 as a sub-lieutenant involved in mine-sweeping.
The Sub-Lieutenant was born in Albany Road, Cardiff, and had enlisted with the Navy to fight in World War I.
The couple have two sons, Jonathon, who is a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and Alex, who will be joining the Navy in September.
Barrie Ratcliffe, Alex Macdonall, Pete Arnold; Sub-Lieut Derek Sinclair, Sub-Lieutenant Lynne Warwick, Lieut-Com Frank Cea, Sub-Lieut Emma Woodward, Sub-Lieut Jeff Ryder; An honour guard for Com Jamie Miller, with Lord Mayor of Coventry, Coun Dave Batten, Lady Mayoress Lyn Batten, Clive Benfield, Roy Nowell; Laraine Haddon, Helen Lane, Pate Lane, Martyn Lane; Martin Woodhouse, Coun John Gazey
Sub-Lieutenant Dyett, as he had become, had been labelled a coward and shot for desertion by his own battalion.
Supt Mark Jones said: ``Certainly this is Lieutenant Commander David Balme, then a sub-lieutenant, was just 20 when he led a boarding party on to the crippled U-110 in May 1941.
The 22-year-old sub-lieutenant was serving as a helicopter pilot on aircraft carrier HMS Invincible when a shell came towards him from a British warship.
The general career route for an officer is midshipman/woman (17-26), sub-lieutenant (20 plus), lieutenant (22-34), lieutenant commander (30-36), commander (33-40), captain (around 45) and finally, admiral (52-ish).
Prince Andrew was a 22-year-old sub-lieutenant serving as a helicopter pilot on aircraft carrier HMS Invincible when a shell came towards him from a British warship.
In addition to the naval Enigma machine, Lt Cdr Balme, then a Sub-Lieutenant, and his fellow crew members from HMS Bulldog found charts which detailed all the German minefields in France.