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It matched the sub-machinegun signed out by Walker that day.
But he was provided with a pistol, sub-machinegun and an AK47 assault rifle and given access to bases used by coalition troops.
Walker shot dead three Royal Scots comrades with a Sterling sub-machinegun in a pounds 19,000 payroll robbery at Glencorse Barracks, Midlothian.
Our sources say several of the new 'young guns' running Dublin's drugs gangs are now turning to the dud money to help buy frighteningly sophisticated weapons like the Uzi sub-machinegun.
Nelson later pleaded guilty to five charges of conspiracy to murder, 14 charges of collecting information likely to be useful to terrorists and one charge of possessing a sub-machinegun.
Shah also faces four firearms offences - two offences of possession of a Mach 10 sub-machinegun and a 9mm pistol with intent to endanger life and two charges of illegal possession of those weapons.
First, around midnight in Central London, a huge traffic jam was caused by a copper with a sub-machinegun standing in the middle of the road stopping the traffic.
Every Zionist monkey is number one on our wanted list,' he said as the contingent of self-declared suicide-bombers kissed a Koran and sub-machinegun at a rally attended by hundreds of Islamic Jihad supporters.
Charlene and Letisha died in a hail of sub-machinegun fire in Birmingham early on January 2 this year.
A copper with a sub-machinegun stood menacingly in the middle of the road directing drivers at random to pull over and be questioned.
According to one report now being considered by the Saville inquiry, McGuinness, pictured, was seen with a Thompson sub-machinegun on Bloody Sunday.