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SCNSAP (System Analysis and Program Development) Community Network
SCNSustainable Communities Network
SCNSystem Change Number (Oracle)
SCNSecurity and Cryptography for Networks
SCNSoybean Cyst Nematode (plant pest)
SCNShonan Cable Network (Japan)
SCNSuprachiasmatic Nucleus
SCNService Circuit Node
SCNScience Communication Network
SCNSubspace Communication Network
SCNScreen File
SCNSystem Change Number
SCNSignaling Communications Network
SCNSpecifications Change Notice
SCNScandinavian Clinical Nutrition (Sweden)
SCNSteam Cracked Naphtha (gasoline production)
SCNStanding Committee on Nutrition (UN)
SCNSaskatchewan Communications Network
SCNService Contract Number
SCNSeattle Community Network (Seattle, WA)
SCNSpecial Care Nursery
SCNState Change Notification
SCNSwitched Circuit Network
SCNStudent Center Network (forum)
SCNSpinal Cord Neurones
SCNSisters of Charity of Nazareth (Kentucky)
SCNStem Cell Network
SCNShow Cause Notice (India)
SCNSevere Congenital Neutropenia
SCNService Change Notice (weather)
SCNSamarium Cobalt Noiseless (electric guitar pickup)
SCNSpecification Change Notice
SCNSoftware Cellular Network (Truphone)
SCNSingles Christian Network
SCNSport Compact Night
SCNShared Care Network (UK)
SCNSchool Computer Network
SCNSatellite Control Network
SCNSouthern Command Network
SCNShipbuilding and Conversion, Navy
SCNService Convergence Network (Pannaway Technologies)
SCNScottish Candidate Number (unique serial number given to each student sitting Scottish Examinations)
SCNSecondary Cavity Nester (birds)
SCNSmall Community Network (Avaya IPO networked PABX)
SCNSaarbruecken, Germany - Ensheim (Airport Code)
SCNShip Construction Navy
SCNSoftware Change Notice
SCNSymmetrical Condensed Node
SCNSave Children Now
SCNSatellite Communications Network
SCNShort Center North (Sacramento, CA)
SCNStudent Control Number
SCNShipbuilding & Conversion, Navy
SCNSecure Converged Networking
SCNSouthern Cherokee Nation
SCNStructured Cable Network
SCNService Circuit Node (AT&T)
SCNStroke Center Network
SCNSporting Club Nimois (soccer club; France; est. 1901)
SCNStarting Cluster Number
SCNService Channel Number (Bluetooth)
SCNSchwarzkopf Coaster Net (website)
SCNStandard Consumption Norm
SCNSears Communications Network
SCNSystem Change Notice
SCNStag Club Nederland (Dutch: Stag Club Netherlands; car club; est. 1980)
SCNService Channel Network (Ciena)
SCNSensor Control Network
SCNSubcontract Change Notice
SCNShanghai Cable Networks
SCNShips Construction, Navy
SCNSubcutaneous Nodule
SCNShip Construction New (US Navy)
SCNSearch Control Number
SCNSurrender Charge Notice (insurance)
SCNShipping Control Note
SCNStudent Club Nights
SCNSpoken Called Number (Sprint - Voicecard)
SCNStock Code Number
SCNShipping Control Number
SCNSupply Chain Navigator
SCNSequential Contact Number
SCNSignalling Control Network
SCNSource Control Number (radiation safety)
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2) SCFNN is characterized by firm, relatively discrete subcutaneous nodules.
Immunohistochemical results for antigen tests using various antibodies in tissue samples from a subcutaneous nodule in a wild adult male toco toucan.
However, he noticed a nodule in the right-hand side of the anterior abdominal wall just below sternum and a solitary firm and mobile subcutaneous nodule with the maximum diameter of 3 cm was identified on physical examination.
3) Sparganosis in humans usually appears as subcutaneous nodules all over the body and can involve the eye, brain, and spinal cord.
5-cm firm, mobile, subcutaneous nodule in the left posterior neck, level five.
The researchers examined data from the previous study, which enrolled consecutive patients in clinical practice settings across 25 countries who had at least one swollen joint or a subcutaneous nodule in whom gout was on the differential diagnosis.
The pilomatricoma lesion appears as a sharply demarcated, calcified, subcutaneous nodule on computed tomography and as high-intensity signal bands in T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging.
A 30 years old lady presented with a smooth slow-growing subcutaneous nodule on the anteromedial side of the right thigh with no detectable primary site in the liver or lung.
When the patient reported her chief complaint was the presence of a subcutaneous nodule in the right parotid region.
The "back mouse" is a tender, fibrous, fatty subcutaneous nodule found in the lumbosacral area in up to 16% of people.
5 Uncommonly the lesion may appear as a subcutaneous nodule or yellowish marbling when it may be regarded as insignificant.
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