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The APEX telescope is located on the Chajnantor Plateau in Chile at 5,100 m altitude, which is one of the few places on Earth where observations at submillimeter wavelengths are possible.
Submillimeter Astrophysics and Technology Symposium (2009: Pasadena, CA) Ed.
Japan initially planned to build a Large Millimeter and Submillimeter Array of 50 antennas each with a 10-meter diameter.
The catalogue contains 323 galaxies with varying star formation activity and different chemical compositions, observed by Herschel's instruments across far-infrared and submillimeter wavelengths.
It covers a broad range of antenna types and phenomena, from operations at very low radio frequencies to operations with frequencies up to those of submillimeter wavelengths.
In the past, researchers have been unable to measure small features such as the inner diameter of a submillimeter hole, but NIST has recently demonstrated the ability to measure holes as small as 700 [micro]m in diameter.
This light has wavelengths of around a millimetre, between infrared light and radio waves, and is therefore known as millimeter and submillimeter radiation.
Combining these studies with previous observations from the Submillimeter Array (SMA) in Hawai'i, the researchers found that any protostar within the extreme-UV envelope of a massive star would have much of its disk of material destroyed in very short order.
Also important to his narrative are his tenure as the first director of the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is responsible for the scientific utilization of the Hubble Space Telescope; his subsequent directorship of the European Southern Observatory, which constructed the Very Large Telescope operating in the Atacama Desert of Chile; and finally his involvement with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which is constructing the world's largest array of millimeter and submillimeter radio antennas on the Llano de Chajnantor in Chile.
Non-invasive CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery: The CyberKnife offers a non-invasive alternative to surgery for treating tumors anywhere in the body with submillimeter accuracy - enabling doctors to spare healthy tissue, reduce side effects, and in many cases cut treatment from six weeks down to just a few days.
The method is derived from the recent progress in astronomical instruments for the submillimeter (hundreds of GHz to THz) frequency band.
Washington, Feb 27 ( ANI ): New images from the Smithsonian's Submillimeter Array (SMA) telescope provide the most detailed view yet of stellar nurseries within the Snake nebula, offering new insights into how cosmic seeds can grow into massive stars.