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in respect of the taxpayer, described in subparagraph (a)(i) of the definition 'outstanding debts to specified non-residents' in subsection (5) .
The flag state may, pursuant to Article 8bis(b)(c), authorize the Requesting Party to board and take appropriate measures described in subparagraph (b), conduct the boarding and search with its own law enforcement or other officials, conduct the boarding and search together with the requesting party, or decline to authorize a boarding and search.
Rename it "Scheme of Support Operations" and follow the subparagraph format listed above, but this time omit "Scheme of Information Collection.
In accordance with the principle of contractual freedom [section] 3-1 subparagraph 1 states the obvious, namely that players and clubs may negotiate without being represented or assisted by anyone.
Supports SB 438 and HB 221 but urges that at the end of subparagraphs (1)(a) and (2)(a) of these bills be amended to include additional limiting language pertaining to fraud or misrepresentation.
This is important because the intent in subparagraph 229(a)(ii), which requires knowledge of likely death, may be more susceptible to anger than a simple intent to kill in subparagraph 229(a)(i).
The first section of the paper illustrates how print media coverage of Miloszewski supports statutory measures to combat hate through its positive portrayal of subparagraph 718.
t]hat the United States, by not informing Karl and Walter LaGrand without delay (47) following their arrest of their rights under Article 36, subparagraph 1(b), of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, and by depriving Germany of the possibility of rendering consular assistance, which ultimately resulted in the execution of Karl and Walter LaGrand, violated its international legal obligations to Germany, in its own right and in its right of diplomatic protection of its nationals, under Articles 5 and 36, paragraph 1, of the said Convention.
and United Nations troops on their mission, in accordance with then existing AFT 36-3001, subparagraph 1.
Section 3(a)(1) of the Consumer Product Safety Act would have been amended by striking subparagraph (E).
You will note that paragraph 1, subparagraph (i) calls for the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces "from territories occupied in the recent conflict.
1, subparagraph (a) of the Portuguese Securities Market Code.