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SUBStudent Union Building
SUBSubwoofer (bass frequency speaker)
SUBSpringfield Utility Board (Oregon)
SuBSinn und Bedeutung (conference)
SUBSubject Marker
SUBSupplementary Unemployment Benefits
SUBSports Utility Bike
SUBSurabaya, Indonesia - Juanda Airport (Airport Code)
SUBSit-Up Berth
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The Parts Express subwoofer does not go as low as my NHT subwoofers and its power output is much less.
Like its predecessors, the Tymphany LAT 500 and LAT 700, which launched at CES 2006, the LAT 250 is based on innovative advancements in subwoofer technology that represents the first transducer breakthrough in several decades.
Control4 is now shipping its new Triad Garden Array outdoor speakers, a family of all-weather, landscape speakers that include satellite speakers (GA4 SAT) and subwoofers (GA10 SUB) designed to be placed throughout flower beds or around the yard.
Representing a breakthrough in innovation and design, the K Cardioid Subwoofer uniquely provides all the benefits of a cardioid subwoofer array but in a single, compact enclosure.
The amplifier or receiver needs to be able to output enough power to sustain bass effects reproduced by the subwoofer without exhausting itself on the power supply.
Get more from your TV with a Bluetooth sound bar and wireless subwoofer from F&D.
Until the remedy is available, as a precaution, Toyota dealers will disconnect the rear subwoofer.
Dealers will disconnect the subwoofer until a repair is available.
The size of the speaker magnet has also been doubled for the subwoofer.
With the announcement of this partnership, Cerwin Vega's internationally popular range of subwoofers, amplifiers and speakers will be available for retail online at Carkhana.
I reviewed the first version of the VTF-3 subwoofer (Hsu Research's first attempt at a super-duper "box-type" subwoofer) for The Audiophile Voice back in 2002 (issue 8/4), and thought it was an impressive piece of work.
The LF1 includes four wireless, slim tall-boy speakers mounted on speaker stands and an equally slim center speaker; an ultra-thin media center bordered by floating glass featuring a DVD/CD player with progressive scan; and a relatively compact subwoofer.