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SUBStudent Union Building
SUBSubwoofer (bass frequency speaker)
SUBSpringfield Utility Board (Oregon)
SuBSinn und Bedeutung (conference)
SUBSubject Marker
SUBSupplementary Unemployment Benefits
SUBSports Utility Bike
SUBSurabaya, Indonesia - Juanda Airport (Airport Code)
SUBSit-Up Berth
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An LED on the back will change from red to green when the amp powers up to drive the subwoofer.
We've designed our new TS-A speakers and Champion Series subwoofers to generate a louder and more defined sound for a better audio experience.
JBL Series III Subwoofer The JBL Series III Subwoofer is built for those who desire visceral performance and designed to keep the party going while punctuating the bass.
However, when woofer/ subwoofer systems are placed large distances apart (more than eight feet) or large distances from room boundaries (more than four feet) it can happen fairly far down in frequency, too.
The new Reference subwoofers utilize large-roll surrounds, progressive spiders and polypropylene woofer cones.
This compact, long excursion, 8-inch subwoofer provides a tactile punch and low-end bass while fitting directly underneath or behind a car s seat for stealth install.
I use a custom speaker system consisting of a D'Appolito 2-way ported speaker crossed over passively to a separate 18-inch ported subwoofer designed by my friend, Murray Zeligman.
Well, I can put a cup of water on the subwoofer, and the water in the cup will do the same thing.
Each new subwoofer was reinforced with an application of basalt rock speaker technology in the cone production process to deliver the essential low bass frequencies to make music come alive for an enhanced in-car sound experience.
4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, announces its new JBL Cinema SB350 soundbar with powered wireless subwoofer system: 320 watts of home theater sound for any TV.
These are excellent little speakers in their own right, but where they really shine is in conjunction with the Hsu VTF-2 subwoofer, a package that can be purchased for $800 (stereo) or $1,258 (5.
Uniquely designed, powerful new subwoofer with dual 18-inch speakers now available in European and Asian markets.