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SNSerial Number
SNStannum (tin)
SNSignal-Noise (ratio)
SNSoon (amateur radio)
SNSnow (METAR precipitation)
SNSequence Number
SNScience News
SNSonora (Guatemalan radio station)
SNSocial Networking
SNSurname (genealogy)
SNSpace Network
SNScreen Name
SNSeaman (USCG, USN)
SNSwindon (postcode, United Kingdom)
SNSubscriber Number
SNSabena (Belgian World Airlines)
SNSteve Nash (NBA player)
SNStock Number
SNSkilled Nursing
SNSide Note
SNSuper Nova
SNSubstantia Nigra (neuroanatomy)
SNSuper Nintendo
SNSecretary of the Navy
SNService Number
SNStandard Number
SNScreenname (usually AOL)
SNStaff Nurse
SNStevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac musician)
SNSatellite Navigation
SNSemantic Network
SNSacramento Northern (railroad)
SNSolar Neutrino
SNSuper Nice
SNStudent Nurse
SNService Node
SNSpecial Need (adoptions)
SNSwitching Network
SNSigma Nu (fraternity)
SNSûreté Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Safety)
SNSports Night (TV show)
SNServer Node
SNSerum Neutralization
SNSpace Needle (Seattle, Washington)
SNSuper Node
SNSûreté Nationale (French: National Security)
SNSoup Nazi (Seinfeld episode)
SNSurgical Nurse
SNShipping Note
SNSir Name (LDAP or Directory Servers)
SNSinging News (southern gospel magazine)
SNSteeler Nation (sports website)
SNSthene (measure of force)
SNShared-Nothing Architecture (distributed computing architecture)
SNSkilled Nurse
SNSem Número (Portuguese: having no number; postal usage)
SNSoil Nail (construction)
SNSorceryNet (IRC network)
SNShipping Noise
SNSeparation Number (chromatography)
SNSubnova (website)
SNSecundum Naturam (according to nature)
SNSending Nation
SNSlurry Nebulization (spectroscopy)
SNStrategic Navigation
SNSveriges Naturvetareförbund (Nacka, Sweden)
SNShepherd Nick (website)
SNSource Nursery
SNSkule Nite (University of Toronto)
SNSaucy Nipples (ARC gaming clan)
SNStructural Notation
SNSynchronization Node
SNSlot Neighbor
SNSalutami 'Ntonio (Frisbee Ultimate Club di Milano)
SNSuperconducting Normally (conducting)
SNSubjunctive Normal
SNStiffness Nominal
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Earth's gravity, by causing convection currents, affects the shape and rate of dendritic growth of succinonitrile and pivalic acid crystals.
Two experiments using succinonitrile flew in 1994 and 1996 (SN: 3/16/96, p.
Astronauts on the late-1997 shuttle flight mixed the two transparent organic liquids, succinonitrile and glycerin, to represent aluminum and indium, respectively.
With gravity lowered to less than one-thousandth of Earth's, the team repeatedly raised and lowered the temperature of the succinonitrile, watching it melt and resolidify.