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SUDOKUSuji Wa Dokushin Ni Kagiru (Japanese: the digits must remain single; a number puzzle)
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The capabilities offered by Android* tablets bring the classic game of Sudoku to life.
As in numerical Sudoku, several letters have been entered in the grid to limit the possibilities to a single solution.
This enables the game play to be much faster than a traditional round of Sudoku.
It would be a hard enough sudoku as it is, but the special Easter rules mean it will be extra tough.
They note that most Sudoku enthusiasts use what is known as a "brute force" system to solve problems, combined with a good deal of guessing.
The average newspaper sudoku puzzle has a difficulty rating of five, but this grid comes in at level 11.
This year's Sudoku competition will feature puzzles created by the Sudoku World Champion, Thomas Snyder.
Representatives of the company are reported to have called consumers inquiring if they were willing to receive a copy of a sudoku puzzle book.
Go on, try one," she said seductively, passing me a sudoku book and a pencil with a rubber on one end.
I wish many other wonderful SUDOKU in 7DAYS and let me know if others found in some SUDOKU two or more solutions.
Sudoku is a Japanese polymath logic game that has become enormously popular with Americans.
Sudoku is a logic puzzle that has appeared in many newspapers in recent years.