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SUIState University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)
SUIShopping Under the Influence (humor)
SUISociety of United Irishmen (political group)
SUISingapore Utilities International Pte Ltd
SUIString Unique Identifier
SUIScripture Union International
SUIState Unemployment Income
SUIState Unemployment Insurance (tax)
SUIStress Urinary Incontinence
SUISystem User Interface
SUISensitive Unclassified Information
SUISystem Under Investigation (computing)
SUISpeech User Interface
SUIStandard User Interface
SUISystems Unlimited, Inc.
SUIStanford University Interim
SUISerious Untoward Incident (National Health Service; UK)
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Other tests, including urodynamic parameters, the Q-tip test and the urethrocystogram, have not been shown to be good detectors of occult SUI.
The existence of a Japanese-Paraguayan character such as Sui is therefore realistic, bar her portrayal depends heavily on fantasy supported by orientalist images.
In my urology practice at Vanderbilt University, where 90% of my patients are female, I meet women who have not only entirely reordered their lives to deal with SUI, but also have not told a single soul about their condition, not even a spouse or intimate friend.
This may mean that other new materials--such as new letters written by Sui Sin Far to Lummis--are now in this archive at the Southwest Museum.
During 1990s, the US-led energy consortium UNOCAL decided to link the proposed Turkmen gas pipeline with gas transmission and distribution system at Sui.
In postmenopausal women, local hormonal treatment of the vaginal mucosa--in the form of tablets or intravaginal estrogen cream--has been shown to improve symptoms of SUI.
It was during this period that the concept of conservatio sui became a signifier for what Mulsow terms "arelationality" in a number of different areas, which would then be manifested in contemporary or later thinkers.
SUI was one of the first prison industries to sell systems or modular furniture.
SUI tax rates vary by state, but are generally based on formulas that consider employers' unemployment claims experience, taxable payroll and reserve account balances.
An ambiguous and enigmatic figure, Sui functions outside the norms of conventional morality, and yet, is intensely principled.
I want to draw the attention of management of Northern Sui Gas Pipelines Limited to the miseries being faced by the residents living in the vicinity of Parvaiz Market, G-8/4, Islamabad through your paper.
Commercial exploitation of the Sui field began in 1955.