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SUIState University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)
SUIShopping Under the Influence (humor)
SUISociety of United Irishmen (political group)
SUISingapore Utilities International Pte Ltd
SUIString Unique Identifier
SUIScripture Union International
SUIState Unemployment Income
SUIState Unemployment Insurance (tax)
SUIStress Urinary Incontinence
SUISystem User Interface
SUISensitive Unclassified Information
SUISystem Under Investigation (computing)
SUISpeech User Interface
SUIStandard User Interface
SUISystems Unlimited, Inc.
SUIStanford University Interim
SUISerious Untoward Incident (National Health Service; UK)
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The recent series of explosions in Sui and Rajanpur caused disruption of gas supplies to many parts of the Central and Northern Pakistan, besides losses to the public assets.
In postmenopausal women, local hormonal treatment of the vaginal mucosa--in the form of tablets or intravaginal estrogen cream--has been shown to improve symptoms of SUI.
It was during this period that the concept of conservatio sui became a signifier for what Mulsow terms "arelationality" in a number of different areas, which would then be manifested in contemporary or later thinkers.
NCS, a Pennsylvania community mental health center, expects to save money because it exited the SUI tax system.
As a result, in 1992, SUI made a change in the systems furniture line offered to customers and a new era began.
At fifteen Sui leaves home and becomes a prostitute.
This six-step evaluation for women with SUI is developed from what we know about who is likely to succeed with primary sling surgery," Dr.
To that end, faculty members were asked to cover six individual topics in SUI.
8220;Buy Me A Drink was created as a party app but from a girl's point of view, so partnering with Anna Sui makes perfect sense to us, how else would we make ourselves pretty and ready to party?
The Monograph, titled "Stress Urinary Incontinence: Monograph from the AUA Foundation," provides a breadth of information about SUI, including symptoms, risk factors, prevalence and common myths associated with the condition.
We wanted to enhance the overall experience to reflect the style and spirit of Sui Generis.
PIA thrashed Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) 41 and NBP overwhelmed Army (Seniors) 21 in the semifinals on Friday here at Army Hockey Ground.