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SUKSveriges Unga Katoliker (Swedens Young Catholics)
SUKSatuan Usaha Komersial (Indonesian: Commercial Business Units)
SUKSuperior Unreal Killers (gaming clan)
SUKSterile Ulcerative Keratitis (eye condition)
SUKSolvangs Unge Kristne (Danish: Solvang Young Christians)
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Spacek's accounts of the Dvorak, Suk and Janacek pieces are extremely convincing; his reading of Janacek's work impressed me most in all the attributes.
They found the same pattern of results for betting on baseball games and the findings also held up in lab-based studies, in which Suk and colleagues assigned participants to make either win/lose/tie bets or score bets.
54 percent of Serm Suk with the rest held by Thai investors.
and Suk understate the diversity of consumer interests at stake in the
Suk and his team of institute scientists and academic partners are working 14 to 20 hours a day to pull in data from federal agencies such as the EPA, the CDC, and OSHA in order to create what he calls a "national model that can track environmental health, both for the short-term use of responders and cleanup crews and long-term assessment of health consequences.
The letter to Baan Suk Samran's mayor will be personally delivered by Gary Gamer, president and CEO of Holt Children's Services International, the Eugene-based adoption agency.
Kim Hyon Hui, who was involved in the bombing of a South Korean airliner in 1987, talked about Kim Suk Ki in a book she wrote.
Suk was buying the paper and peed on his trouser leg.
Suk and Tamargo aren't the first to suggest that Michelangelo included images of the brain in his Sistine Chapel frescoes.
The International Conference was organized jointly by the Departments of Chemistry and Physics of SUK, from Dec.
Peek's name is primarily mentioned by discophiles in connection with his landmark recordings of Mozart, DvoFak and Mahler pieces and 20th--century Czech music (Novak, MartinCi), yet Josef Suk is the Czech composer to whom he has devoted with the greatest passion.
Kim Yong Suk is expected to escort the wife of President Kim during their three-day stay in Pyongyang," one source said.