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SUKSveriges Unga Katoliker (Swedens Young Catholics)
SUKSatuan Usaha Komersial (Indonesian: Commercial Business Units)
SUKSuperior Unreal Killers (gaming clan)
SUKSterile Ulcerative Keratitis (eye condition)
SUKSolvangs Unge Kristne (Danish: Solvang Young Christians)
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Gielen, who was not familiar with Suk at the time, was engrossed by the work, primarily owing to the modern, novel orchestration, and exclaimed: "A masterpiece that no one knows.
In einem zweiten Schritt wurden drei Fallstudien durchgefuhrt --Region Hannover, Masterplan-Region Stadt und Landkreis Os nabruck, Stadt Rheine, Kreis Steinfurt (MP-Region ORS) und Region Freiburg -, die nach den folgenden beiden Kriterien ausgewahlt wurden: Es besteht eine SUK mit dem Ziel einer Energieversorgung mit EE und die Fallregionen variieren hinsichtlich Art und Stabilitat des regionalen Zusammenschlusses.
During his 25-year career in the pharmaceutical sector, Suk has worked at Nycomed, GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK), Roche and other multinational giants.
As Suk puts it, her book is intended as an effort to "focus the lens so that we can begin to see what is necessary" to answer whether we, too, should be at home in the law (p.
Those are Jawa, which is located 9km west of Deribat in South Darfur, and Fanga Suk, which lies 60 km southwest of Tawilla in West Darfur.
1 percent of Serm Suk after buying 658 million baht ($20 million) in a tender offer launched April 30.
and Suk understate the diversity of consumer interests at stake in the
Ziff Davis Media Managing Director Suk Park said "'PC Magazine China' has been a great success and we have every expectation that 'CIO Insight China' likewise will be embraced by readers and advertisers.
Jacqueline Suk Danik and colleagues analyzed data from 27,791 participants in the Women's Health Study, a prospective study of cardiovascular risk in healthy women aged 45 years and older.
Woo Suk Hwang, a biologist at Seoul National University in South Korea, claimed that he had cloned (created an exact genetic copy) human stem cells (see SW, 5/10/04).
Led by William Suk, director of both the NIEHS Center for Risk and Integrated Sciences and the Superfund Basic Research Program, the GIS overlays maps and high-resolution aerial photography of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi with a wealth of demographic, hydrographic, infrastructure, and industrial/agricultural data from publicly available sources.
Eun Suk Oh joins the New York team as an Architectural Intern.