SulfHbSulfhemoglobin (form of hemoglobin)
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Finally, we compared SulfHb measurement by the OSM3 service program with measurement by AVL 912 CO-oximeter, which uses 17 wavelengths to measure the Hb derivatives and quantifies SulfHb in its routine operating mode.
Measurement of 61 samples with various proportions of SulfHb (0-23.
According to the manufacturer's users' handbook, a SulfHb presence of ~10% decreases the MetHb measurement by ~3.
In our major metropolitan trauma care center, we have elected to make the rapid quantification of SulfHb a standard practice whenever its presence is flagged by CO-oximetry.
Although constipation, which could lead to drug metabolism or modification by gut flora, was present in some of the 62 cases, its absence in others suggests that intestinal conversion of the drugs does not account for SulfHb formation in all cases.
Tissue discoloration caused by SulfHb may be mistaken for that caused by reduced (deoxy-) Hb [25].
This explains why SulfHb fell below the OSM3 alarm limits before the theoretical 120 days.