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SULIScience Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (US Department of Energy undergraduate research program)
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The chart showed a mile of the Suli river where it emptied into the sea.
Alvaro no es solo un adolescente conflictuado, sino tambien un aprendiz de anfibio; Suli no es solo una madre "corregida", sino una madre deseante (de una hija pero aceptaria un hijo).
As a tourist attraction, the Bazaar abounds in buildings of remarkable historical importance including Daut Pashin Amam, which is an art gallery today, Kapan An, used in the past by traveling merchants for spending the night in, Cifte Amam, which together with the Murat Pasha Mosque and Suli An, constitutes the "Islam Three", Bezisten, the commercial hub of the past from where the development of the Bazaar commenced, the unique Kurshumli An or otherwise known as the An of Musledin Hoja, the once largest caravanserai which still captivates visitors with its splendor, the Churches of the Holy Savior and St.
Zhu Suli, Guanyu Nengdong Sifa yu Datiaojie (NEEDS CHARACTERS) [On Judicial Activism and Grand Mediation], 1 ZHONGGUO FAXUE [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [CHINA LEGAL SCIENCE] 5 (2010) (discussing the Party demands on courts to realize goals of harmonious development and the judicial activism necessary to address such demands).
Tolo, Rah-i-Farda, Negah, Aina, Daawat, Afghan and Batoor Jawzjan Television channels, Nida, Dunya and Suli Paigham Radio channels, as well as Mandigar daily, are to pay the fines.
The 44-page article reviews the book, Sending Law to the Countryside: Research on China's Basic-Level Judicial System, written by Zhu Suli, Dean of the prestigious Beijing University Law School.
Artist, poet, writer and YouTube sensation Suli Breaks, from the UK, supports this campaign and shares his inspirational story in his YouTube video - http://youtu.
Family Guy is an amazing show that's famous for its sharp wit, unpredictable storytelling, and hilarious cast of characters," added Suli Ali, chief executive of TinyCo.
The participating teams are Erbil, Suli Peshmarga, Alla, Zakho, Sherwana, Hallo, Nawroz, Hawler Peshmarga, Ararat, Kirkuk, Suleimaniya, Zeravani, Duhok and Handren.
According to the figures shown in table 6, we can interpret the results as follows: Residents of Sulaymaniyah and Duhok cities prefer to use Korek over AsiaCell (where the coefficients of SULI and DHOK, 3.
Faruk's hometown, known as Suli to expatriates, is expanding as oil revenues increasingly flow in from the central government.
The first three chapters elaborate innovative avenues for Suli historiography, evaluating and (re-) categorizing some of the fundamental textual sources, including prosopography, didactic works, and hagiography.