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The chart showed a mile of the Suli river where it emptied into the sea.
Zhu Suli, Guanyu Nengdong Sifa yu Datiaojie (NEEDS CHARACTERS) [On Judicial Activism and Grand Mediation], 1 ZHONGGUO FAXUE [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [CHINA LEGAL SCIENCE] 5 (2010) (discussing the Party demands on courts to realize goals of harmonious development and the judicial activism necessary to address such demands).
Along with the Kurdish city of Erbil, Suli has become the preferred base for foreign companies doing business in Iraq.
Suli said tenants are worried about their safety as the owner is reluctant to make renovations.
Suli Breaks, "I will not let an exam result decide my fate".
Suli, An introduction to numerical analysis, Cambridge university press, 2003.
Brief Communication: Preparation of a superamphiphobic surface on a common cast iron substrate--Zhiqing Yuan, Jiayu Xiao, Chunqi WangT Jingcheng Zeng, and Suli Xing, etal.
The closing event was held at Suli An in the Skopje Old Bazaar.
Utrinski vesnik publishes a public call from the Islamic Religious Community addressed to all Muslim MPs as well as to all other MPs arguing for co-existence, appealing that they should by no means adopt the modifications to the denationalization law, because in that way the nationalized assets of the Islamic Religious Community in Macedonia located in the Old Skopje Bazaar, such as Kapan An, Suli An, Bezisten, the Napredok movie theater, Dom Ibni Pajko, and other historical buildings, will never be given back.
As Suli fell away behind us, I asked Jeremiah how on earth he started rock climbing in the region.
I think we should say something [to her]," I commented to the other youth, Suli and D, as we awaited Leila's arrival.
Xinzheng Shawoli yizhi faxian tanhua suli [The discovery of carbonized Su in Shawoli site, Xinzheng].