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SULISSustainable Urban Landscape Information Series
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Until last week, Aquae Sulis was threatened with closure but to its credit, Bath and North East Somerset Council agreed another year of funding at the last minute.
As she absorbs all knowledge she can about the monuments, learning to be quick with numbers and knowledgeable about engineering basics, Sulis grows savvy and wise - and develops a romance with one Gwyr, who also aspires to build monuments that will keep the local clans joined and harmonious.
Charlie Blackham, Director at Sulis Consultants, said: "Combining the expertise of both Roke and Sulis means that developers can now take advantage of compliance validation at the prototype stage to avoid costly delays.
Portland veterinarian Kristin Sulis, whose family adopted a puppy-mill-produced poodle with congenital hip problems, said the cap would serve as a red flag for animal protection officers and others to investigate breeders with large numbers of dogs.
It's not all girly facials and manicures -my favourite was the Aquae Sulis Mud Wrap.
The resort's spa, Aquae Sulis, features a series of therapeutic baths in a palatial setting.
Alistair Johnson has joined Bath spring water brand Aquae Sulis as managing director, to give the brand's creator, wife Laura Johnson, time to develop and market the brand.
Guests more interested in a spa experience are promised the 40,000-square-foot Aquae Sulis, where, if they're so inclined, they can get a loofah scrub, soak in the Watsu tub, or stretch out for a hot-stone massage.
Signs good for Piscean After more than three months on the easy list, Tom Keddy's Piscean sprang a 20-1 shock in the 6f handicap, coming out on top in a three-way driving finish with Woolfall Sovereign and Sulis Minerva.
uk) - but in July and August you can visit to 10pm, see the source of the 46C spring water, and explore the Roman remains of Aquae Sulis (EeAu12.
00 1 REBECCA ROMERO R Hughes (11-2) 2 Osiris Way (7-1) 3 Sulis Minerva (12-1) 9 ran 1- nk D J Coakley Tote: win pounds 4.