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SumSumerian (non-Indo-European; linguistics)
SUMScalable Uncertainty Management
SUMSenter for utvikling og miljø (Centre for Development and the Environment; Norway)
SUMSumas, Washington (border patrol station)
SUMSoftware User's Manual
SUMSystem User's Manual
SUMServicio Universitario Mundial (Spanish: World University Service)
SUMsupramammillary nucleus
SUMSurface-to-Underwater Missile
SUMSingle Event Upset Monitor
SUMSystem Utility Module
SUMSingle User Monitor
SUMScience Utilization Management
SUMStupid User Mistake
SUMSimplified Unified Messaging
SUMSpacecraft User Manual
SUMSmall Submarine Underwater Module
SUMSony U-Matic Videotape
SUMStandard USAREUR Munitions
SUMState of the Union Message
SUMStartup Manager (software)
SUMSoftware Updates Management
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The Sumerian prototypes of Perseus and his Scimitar--a wizard with his curved wand--are described in a previous article (S&T: May 2016, p.
Sumerian was launched at Amazon Web Services' re:Invent conference in Las Vegas
Looking at Mesopotamian sculptural works from about 3300-2250 BC reveals an intimate link between Sumerian gods and the animals that symbolised and embodied their powers.
However, it is important to emphasize the varying degree of historicity of the Sumerian Laments.
Dr Qusay Al Turky, who is an expert in ancient Eastern civilisation and Iraq's languages, said Sumerians considered Bahrain the land of immortality.
Great Lakes co-founder Patrick Conway and Oriental Institute archaeologist Tate Paulette will give a lecture on the Sumerian beer project.
This isn't the first time contemporaries have tried to make Sumerian beer, noted Tate Paulette, a U.
He also says that the ancient Sumerian writings speak about the creation of Homo Sapiens by the Nibiru inhabitants, the so-called "Annunaki" (which means "those who came from heaven to the Earth") who mixed their own DNA with the Homo Erectus, thus creating us, Homo Sapiens.
quidsin @FreedomBrewery: The earliest instructions for brewing are on a 3,800-yr old Sumerian clay tablet & were sung so the illiterate could brew.
In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, received by Aswat al-Iraq, Minister Hoshiar Zebari handed over a golden cup that dates back to the Sumerian era to Culture undersecretary and director of the museum.
Instead, the Sumerian bureaucrats used different number systems depending on the nature of the objects to be counted or measured to count or measure.
Summary: Standing before the imposing ziggurat which was once part of a temple complex at the Sumerian capital of Ur, Iraqi archaeologist Abdelamir Hamdani worried about the natural elements that are eating away at one of Mesopotamia's wonders.