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SumSumerian (non-Indo-European; linguistics)
SUMScalable Uncertainty Management
SUMSenter for utvikling og miljø (Centre for Development and the Environment; Norway)
SUMSumas, Washington (border patrol station)
SUMSoftware User's Manual
SUMSystem User's Manual
SUMServicio Universitario Mundial (Spanish: World University Service)
SUMsupramammillary nucleus
SUMSurface-to-Underwater Missile
SUMSingle Event Upset Monitor
SUMSystem Utility Module
SUMSingle User Monitor
SUMScience Utilization Management
SUMStupid User Mistake
SUMSimplified Unified Messaging
SUMSpacecraft User Manual
SUMSmall Submarine Underwater Module
SUMSony U-Matic Videotape
SUMStandard USAREUR Munitions
SUMState of the Union Message
SUMStartup Manager (software)
SUMSoftware Updates Management
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From emg3's turnkey experiential marketing to Promerica Health's health and wellness marketing engagement, Sumerian Sports & Entertainment's sports sponsorship management and marketing to TideSmart Logistics' value-added Maine storage and logistics, LedgePoint Digital's digital solutions to Viridescence's green experiential marketing, the TideSmart agencies serve prominent clients across a broad spectrum of industries.
It is interesting to note that our division of the hour into 60 minutes and the circle in 360 degrees is derived from the ancient Sumerian system.
Ur of the Chaldees, as it is called in the Bible, was one of the great urban centers of the Sumerian civilization and remained an important city until its conquest by Alexander the Great.
From a current perspective, the Sumerians faced a liquidity crunch, demand gap and the danger of perishability of value in barter trade.
The artifacts, which included sickles and knives, largely dated back to around 2000 BC, during the rule of King Amar-seen, the third king of the third Sumerian dynasty, an official said.
It is a brilliant contribution suitable for all readers interested in the evolution of early Sumerian civilization.
Thieves often snatch pieces from Sumerian, Babylonian or Assyrian times.
By Robert Fisk 2,000--year--old Sumerian cities torn apart and plundered by robbers.
Considered the leading European "Business Angel" by the Wall Street Journal, and one of the leaders of European change by Business Week ("The Stars of Europe"), Martin Velasco has been based in Geneva for several years, where he has contributed to the success of companies such as Sumerian Networks, Speedlingua, AC Immune and NovImmune.
Chapters explore mysteries of the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations; the beliefs of the Dogons, an African tribe with inexplicable knowledge of the Sirius star system; the secrets behind crystal skulls and the ark of the covenant; and much more.
The royal tombs at Ur opened the world's eyes to the glory of ancient Sumerian culture (2600-2500 B.
The first records managers may have been the owners, authors, or custodians of such ancient works as Sumerian clay tablets, the Rosetta stone, the pyramids' hieroglyphs papyrus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Domesday Book.