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In 2007, the Commission presented a report on the impact of the summer/winter time regime, concluding that there were no 'negative' impacts and 'some' energy savings.
Speculated shortages, low inventories, war, reformulation, summer/winter switches, refinery maintenance, and high demand.
While the igloo remains important, it is the alternation of summer and winter housing, or at least summer/winter entrances to houses that characterizes Eskimo buildings.
The notion of summer/winter and day/evening fragrances exists in all countries except for Japan, where consumers wear different fragrances based on their harmony with society.
Since th new product was applied, however, the road has survived three summer/winter cycles in excellent condition, researchers found.
By assessing constraints and opportunities for future development, such as proximity of utilities, summer/winter facilities, tree density, and slopes, the council is able to make informed choices regarding wintertime use, program sites, and site usage.
Resident Children are being provided free furnished accommodation, nutritious balanced diet, education, free uniform, books and stationary, free summer/winter clothing along with shoes, medical care, skill development, laundry service, prayer room/ Religious education.
Tenders are invited for Repair/Maint To Summer/Winter Appliances Incl Ref/Deep Freezer At Sanjuwan Mil Stn.
com's 24x7 online operations, and remote productions at the NFL Draft, the ESPY Awards, the Summer/Winter EXPN X-Games, the Super Bowl and the Bowl Championship Series.
The resident children are being provided free furnished accommodation, nutritious balanced diet, education in best schools, uniform, books, stationary, summer/winter clothing, shoes, medical, skill development, laundry service, Prayer Room, Religious education, counseling/legal aid for victims of violence and abuse.
Tenders are invited for Repair/Maintenance Of Dg Sets, Chlorine Plants, Summer/Winter Appliacnes And Allied E/M Works At Alhilal Mil Stn