SUNYAState University of New York at Albany
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Contents: not further identified, mentions jati niskala, state of sunya (emptiness) dan acintya (inconceivableness of god).
According to the stumps as well as the household surveys, the more remote CBFM forests of Kiwele, Kwamatuku, Mfyome and Sunya all appear to be harvested at or below their estimated regenerative potential, and, with the exception of Kwamatuku, data from the two survey approaches agree.
He knows that Rose isn't really on the mantelpiece even if his dad leaves birthday cake for her there, as he knows that despite his father's anger and intolerance, Sunya is a true friend.
However, it is in the author's depiction of a family thrown into a vortex of confusion and pain by an act of terrorism and the redeeming power of friendship shown in the very close relationship between Jamie and his sister and his powerful link to his school friend, Sunya, that Pitcher is at her most effective.
Sunya encarna la nada, el vacio, el lugar vacio, el sitio desocupado (de Mora y Jarocka, 2003).
The Arabic numerals that we now use were in fact originated in India as well as the zero called sunya by the Indians and converted into the word sifr by the Islamic mathematicians.
Jack graduated from Norwich University and earned his masters degree in business administration from SUNYA - State University of New York at Albany.
Tandra Pattnaik, Sunya Purusa: Bauddha Vaisnavism of Orissa, New Delhi: D.
He reminds us that the Sanskrit term sunya, as well as meaning "empty," also means "cipher" or "zero" and this, he thinks, is the key to avoiding the misunderstanding that equates sunyata with something nihilistic.
En hindi se llama sunya, misma palabra usada para nombrar el vacio.
During the past two years the company has acquired foil wrapped chocolate novelties business Sunya from Renshaw Scott Ltd, sweets company F Fravigar Ltd from the Fravigar family, Penguin confectionery of Carlisle and the House of York toffee brand.