SwANHSoftware Association of New Hampshire
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They understand the need to grow their staff as they grow their company by emphasizing training and networking in the community," said James McKim, SwANH Chairman.
We're honored to be recognized by SwANH for creating a sustainable, profitable software company based in New Hampshire," said Bill Rogers, Ektron CEO and Founder.
SwANH also provides resources and information to help member companies achieve success in the software and IT industries.
While there are software producers in all corners of the state, SwANH has found its most successful venue for events to be the Southeastern Regional Education Service Center, or SERESC.
He said SwANH offers value to a subset of High Tech Council members by focusing on software-specific issues, both technical and business.
Those interested in presenting a relevant topic for possible inclusion in the day's agenda are encouraged to contact SwANH for consideration.
Tuttle with an achievement award in recognition of his support for SWANH at the seventh annual software business conference held on Nov.