SwMISwitching and Management Infrastructure
SWMISignificant Water Management Issue (UK)
SWMISecure and Well-Managed Infrastructure (computer infrastructure)
SWMISepik Wetlands Management Initiative (Papua New Guinea)
SWMISouth West Medicines Information (UK)
SWMISustainable Water Management International (Germany)
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The SWMI regulations and their impact on communities statewide is a complicated and difficult issue, and one that, by reason of that complexity, has received too little public attention.
Instead, SWMI focuses solely on regulating and limiting water withdrawals from groundwater and surface waters like Worcester's to ostensibly improve stream flow and the aquatic habitat for fluvial fish.
While the SWMI studies conducted so far have focused on groundwater withdrawals, Worcester will be subject to the new regulations because they will be extended to surface water withdrawal permits.
Tozeski said he is reserving judgment on the SWMI framework until final rules have been published.
Water supplier representatives and environmental groups have criticized the SWMI framework for being unduly complex.