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SVDSingular Value Decomposition
SVDSvenska Dagbladet (Swedish newspaper)
SVDSmall Vessel Disease
SVDSociety of the Divine Word (religious order)
SVDSimultaneous Voice and Data
SVDSwine Vesicular Disease
SVDSimultaneous Voice/Data
SVDSpontaneous Vaginal Delivery
SVDSpontaneous Vertex Delivery (obstetrics)
SVDSelective Vehicle Detection (UK, transportation)
SVDSocietas Verbi Divini (divine word missionaries)
SVDSingle Vision Distance (optometry)
SVDSignature-Verification Data (various organizations)
SVDSt Vincent, St. Vincent And The Grenadines (Airport Code)
SVDStructural Valve Deterioration
SVDSoftware Version Description
SVDSupplementary Volume Descriptor
SVDSoftware Version Document (various organizations)
SVDSubcortical Vascular Dementia
SVDSchweizerische Vereinigung für Datenverarbeitung
SVDSingular Vector Decomposition
SVDSyndicat de la Vente Directe (French: Direct Sales Union)
SVDSpace View Door
SVDSpace Vehicle Division
SVDSnowflake Vitreoretinal Degeneration
SVDSurface Vessel Division
SVDStrategic Vision Development
SVDSegment Version Description
SVDStrategic Vertical Differentiation (industrial economics)
SVDSnaiperskaia Vintovka Dragunova (Dragunov Sniper Rifle)
SVDSmart Vision Device
SVDSimplified Vapor Detector
SVDSurveyor Vehicle Department
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Swine vesicular disease is caused by a virus in the Enterovirus genus of the viral family Picornaviridae.
We collected vesicular lesion swab specimens and blood samples from all affected animals, and all tested negative for the viruses causing vesicular diseases mentioned previously (foot-and-mouth disease, swine vesicular disease, vesicular exanthema of swine, and vesicular stomatitis).
Mr Houston said, 'As a precautionary measure samples have been taken and are being sent to the Institute for Animal Health in England for testing for foot-and-mouth disease and swine vesicular disease.
The respective fights against bovine brucellosis and tuberculosis, classical and African swine fever, and swine vesicular disease in pigs also receive funding.
The animal was seen to have blisters on its body - but the symptoms could be due to foot and mouth disease or swine vesicular disease.
Moreover, swine vesicular disease virus, which infects swine, is serotypically identical and antigenically closely related to human coxsackie B5 virus (10-12).