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The use of superior, aged whiskies gives Sylk Cream Liqueur a distinctive, pleasurable 'bite,'" said Monica Garaitonandia, Drambuie senior marketing manager.
At 34 proof, Sylk is available in a 750 ml bottle with a suggested retail price of $21.
An ideal personal lubricant for those who want good sex without bad ingredients, SYLK rejects the silicones, petroleum derivatives, animal products and parabens (found in most personal lubricants) and instead makes sweet romance with New Zealand kiwi vine extract, a bio-sustainable botanical that is naturally slippery and smooth.
Between beach parties and outdoor music festivals, be prepared for some sexy moments with SYLK - the natural, water-based personal lubricant that won't ruin good summer sex with bad ingredients.
An ideal stocking stuffer for discerning women of all ages, SYLK is the only natural lubricant made from bio-sustainable New Zealand kiwi vine extract and does not contain any of the silicones, petroleum derivatives, animal products or parabens commonly found in leading personal lubricant brands.
The Sylk 130 EP When The Funk Hits The Fan - The Remixes King Britt has taken the Sylk 130 project to the next level: he's turned over the key tracks from the original album to some of his favorite remixers and created a "totally different" record.
It's time to get intimate with SYLK - an all-natural, water-based personal lubricant by SYLK USA , free of the silicones, petroleum derivatives, animal products and parabens found in most sexual lubrication brands.
PHOENIX, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SYLK is an all-natural water based personal lubricant.
It feels just like a woman's natural vaginal lubricant, and SYLK has a slightly acidic ph balance (between 4.
Crop Organic Vodka will sponsor an open vodka bar featuring a signature DanceGiving cocktail, and KISS FM's DJ Sylk will be spinning throughout the night.